Том Круз получит за новый фильм рекордный гонорар
Studio made concessions to save your project.

Tom Cruise

Photo: a scene from the movie “Mission impossible”

According to the publication the Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has decided to accept the demands of Tom cruise,
requested for shooting in a regular — the sixth part of the franchise “Mission impossible” $ 75 million, more than any of the previous films.

The fact is that already
was carried out significant preparatory work on this project. Was completely
completed the scenario assigned Director Christopher Macquarrie and approved
cast. And investors
have invested their money in the future film, was very unhappy that can
expected them to lose profit.

The film was supposed to start in
January 2017, but in summer the work on the project was stopped because of the requirements
Cruz. The leadership of the Studio then decided that he could not afford to pay
That claimed 75 million. However, under pressure from investors representatives
Paramount had to change its decision. So now
the Studio will have to cut other expenditure to fit in with the approved

Incidentally, many of the decision seemed to
controversial. The fact that the last to date, the film franchise, released
in 2015, gathered at the American rental only $ 195 million
with a budget of 150 million. However, invest in the project their money investors
in the end, all is not lost.
After charges worldwide is still much blocked spent on his shooting