Tom cruise threw a dying mother

Том Круз бросил умирающую мать

First the daughter, then the mother. Hollywood actor Tom cruise, who stopped communicating with their child, and does not communicate with the birth mother, 79-year-old Mary Lee Mapother, which, according to the media, is terminally ill.

On mother’s Day, which was held earlier this month, an elderly woman was spotted on a family ship, however, Tom beside her on this day was not, which was enraged by the friends of the elderly women.
“It’s terrible when children, with whom you were so close my whole life, ignore you in this difficult time and especially on mother’s Day” — said the source. Edition of the National ENQUIRER reports that the feast of Mary Lee brought to the dock in a wheelchair. The sick woman was so weak that even breathing through tubes. She had spent the afternoon on a family boat, enjoying the views of the water. It was accompanied by son Tom, adopted in the marriage with Nicole Kidman, who specifically came to see the grandmother, the sister of Tom Maria Henry and her son and daughter-in-law.
Insiders claim that the relationship of the artist with his mother occurred after the woman moved away from the Church of Scientology. But back in 2009, Tom appeared with my mother at the award ceremony Golden globe and proudly walked with her on the red carpet.
Recall that the actor recently hurt his daughter, congratulating her with the decade. He not only sent her a gift, but not even a phone call. The reason that many months they had not seen, was that the girl’s mother Katie Holmes is unalterably opposed to Scientology, where Tom is adept.

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