Tom cruise started a secret British girlfriend

Том Круз завел секретную британскую подружку
The actor has already introduced a new darling with his family.

As it became
known 54-year-old Tom cruise twisted new novel. He meets a young handsome dark-haired
the Briton, whose name has not been disclosed. We only know that it does not
linked to show business and does not belong to the world of celebrities. Her relationship with
Crews began this summer, but until recently, the actor managed
to keep their new romance a secret, because he didn’t want paparazzi and
the reporters of the tabloids interfere with their relationship. But now some of the friends of Cruz
had made “a leak”. This was reported online edition of Us Weekly.

met a beauty at the beginning of June, when I arrived in London to star in the remake
“The mummy”. Exactly how Tom met a girl, not reported. But the informant
told the publication, where was their first date, Tom invited
he liked the brunette in a rural restaurant in a two-hour drive from London. As
allegedly, the mysterious British woman seen in the house, which Cruz rents in
London. Moreover, the allegedly already managed to introduce her to his sister, and they
got along great with each other.

to hope, Tom finally made the right choice and this time he will succeed.
After all, it has been several years since then, as divorced from Katie Holmes, to no avail
trying to find a new companion. He had a few novels in fact
with 22-year-old Emily Thomas who used his personal assistant and
33-year-old actress Sophia Botellas. But to build a long-term
the relationship he has not yet succeeded.

As claimed,
in this he was very disturbed it consultants-Scientologists who run every
step actor. By the way, it is because of them That decided to relocate to Britain —
to promote their religion in this country. And in order to obtain
the right to claim the role of a real girlfriend cruise, the girl needs to get the approval
Scientology. Through this “casting” will pass and the new British “passion”
Tom. Maybe at least she will be able to withstand this test.