Tom cruise moved to Florida — the spiritual capital of Scientologists

Том Круз переезжает во Флориду — духовную столицу сайентологов

Tom cruise is the most famous follower of Scientology not only in Hollywood but also far beyond its borders. His connection with that religion the actor wanted to do even closer, so decided to move closer to the “spiritual headquarters of the organization” in Florida.

Today it became clear that Tom has already bought a new apartment, which was made specially for the cruise.

The house in which the apartment is located near the spiritual center of a religious organization. He is known in narrow circles of the fact that it was all the Scientology elite.

New apartment of Tom cruise occupies the top two floors of 10-storey condominium SkyView, the apartment has a separate entrance and also has a special room that is used as aviasimulyatora.