Том Круз теряет лицо
The actor desperately wants to look younger.

Том Круз теряет лицо

Tom cruise, 2010

Photo: Instagram.com

Tom cruise 2016

Photo: Instagram.com

A reporter for the overseas edition of “In Touch” says it has
exclusive: Tom cruise was going to do a “facelift” and
agreed with the surgeon about it!

The news was announced to the reporter by a friend of the actor.
He said that recently a cruise, try not to engage in his voyage
attention, carefully conspired made the journey to Europe. Tom visited
Switzerland to consult with a renowned plastic surgeon about
anti-aging surgery. According to the informant “In Touch”, Cruz was satisfied with the result
his visit in the near future is going to be offered to him “plastic”.

The idea is to use the services of cosmetic occurred
53-year-old Cruz after the premiere of his latest movie. Seeing his face close up on
big screen, Tom was upset. He came to the conclusion that the skin on his face clearly
begins to SAG – especially the jawline and eyelids. Of course, he
noticed signs of aging before, but it seemed to him that it is not so noticeable. Besides
well, Cruz believed that good makeup artists can always hide changes associated with
time. Making sure that it is not, the actor was terribly disappointed. As stated before the awards ceremony BAFTA in February of this year That has already undergone a range of rejuvenating treatments. But they, unfortunately, had only a temporary effect…

And since “retired” actor to leave yet not
going, he decided that the urgent need to do something radical. After all That is removed is mainly in action movies where
trying all the tricks to perform himself, and he needs to look young,
to match their heroic roles.So if the information about the upcoming surgery is correct, then soon we will see the updated version of” cruise.

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