Том Круз выпрыгнул из самолета с 30-километровой высоты
The actor raced to the ground with a speed of 300 km per hour.

Том Круз выпрыгнул из самолета с 30-километровой высоты

Tom Cruise


Tom cruise has every reason to be proud of: as reported by Christopher
Macware, the Director of his new movie franchise “Mission impossible”, 55-year-old actor,
known for his exploits in this field has been carried out absolutely incredible
trick. He performed the long jump
parachute with nearly 30-kilometer

A trick in which the parachute opens quite close to the earth, is considered
deadly and make it the only real aces. Because a skydiver hurtling down at speed
close to 300
kilometers per hour. Have to jump in a special suit and oxygen mask,
because at this altitude, the body does not get enough air. Moreover, as
told Makuhari, Cruz repeated this incredible trick more than 100 times!

However, past achievements are impressive Cruz — like his “acrobatics”
on the spire of the 130th floor of the tallest building in the world “Burj Khalifa”
(United Arab Emirates), at a whopping height of 828 meters. It almost ended badly: getting out of the window, That for a second
lost coordination and instead to land on the wall
feet, hit her head. Fortunately, then has done without serious
injury. But last summer he suffered when another threat
trick. Then he had to jump from one building to the other rooftop.
Of course, just fall down, he could not — the actor had insurance. However, no one
didn’t expect jumping, Cruz miss
and with all the force hits the wall of the house. Since Tom managed after that
independently climb on the roof and even climb, all thought,
he escaped with minor injuries. But as it turned out, the actor was under
the influence of shock, and immediately felt the pain. The survey showed that Cruz
broke my ankle and got, besides, a head injury. But just a few weeks
later, undaunted, not even heal until the end of your fracture, returned

Tom Cruise. Still from the film
Mission: impossible Consequences (2018)

Photo: Outnow