Том Круз пытается отбить невесту у Криса Мартина
The ex-husband of Gwyneth Paltrow suffers from jealousy.

Том Круз пытается отбить невесту у Криса Мартина

Chris Martin

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Tom cruise and Annabelle Wallis

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according to a member of a team working on the set of new film “the Mummy” in
Namibia, here unfolds the real drama. Between colleagues on the project Tom cruise and Annabelle Wallis began a romantic relationship. And
if the Volume is completely free with ever since he divorced his third wife
Katie Holmes, Annabel is in a relationship with musician Chris Martin.
Moreover, it is claimed, she secretly got engaged to Chris. This was announced
the website Radar.online.

“The mummy”, the remake of 1999 blockbuster hit, Cruz and Wallis play the lead roles. And,
as noted by their colleagues, romance Tom and Annabelle obviously gone beyond the set. Cruz and Wallace immediately liked each
other, and if at first they were limited to a slight flirtation in the breaks, then
recently a few more together in your free time. How to claim
the witnesses of their romance, the two actors are clearly fond of each other…

time to Chris Martin, who began to meet Annabel in August
last year, began to hear rumors about what is happening on the set of “the Mummy”. According to his friends, he feels terrible. Martin desperately jealous of his
friend that since July this year is on the ring finger of donated
them impressive ring. But to change this situation, he can not.

Martin remains only to be comforted by communicating with children from a previous marriage 10 — year-old Moses and 15-year-old Apple. His ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow is not trying to isolate them from it and allows to spend together as much time as they
wish. Gwyneth even it is convenient: after completing, finally, his protracted
divorce with Chris, she soon intends to marry
her boyfriend brad and Falcao busy hassle of planning your

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