Tom cruise is seriously injured

Том Круз серьезно ранен
Shooting the next “Mission…” stopped.

Tom Cruise


happened a few days in London on the set of another movie
of the franchise “Mission impossible”, will cost the creators of this movie millions
dollars. After all, as announced by the doctors who examined the starring — Tom cruise, injured during performance
one of the tricks he’ll need at least eight weeks before he
will be able to return to work.

As previously reported,the 55-year-old
Cruz was injured during a rather risky stunt: he
had to jump from one building to the other rooftop. Of course, to break
and fall down, he could not — the actor had insurance. However, nobody expected that
jumping, Cruz misses with all his strength hits a wall. Since Tom
managed then independently climb on the roof and even climb,
we all thought at first that he escaped with minor injuries. But as it turned out,
the actor was under the influence of shock, and immediately felt the pain.
The survey showed that Cruz broke his ankle and received, besides, trauma

Now shooting “Mission…”
will resume not earlier than in two months. So work on the film,
beginning in Paris in April of this year,
obviously will not be completed as planned, by the end of September. Little
due to the delays on this project will stay on track, the movie cruise, in
which he had to withdraw at the completion of the “Mission…”. It is
about the sequel to “top gun” movie, made at the time of this Volume