Том Круз готовится снова стать лучшим стрелком
The actor began intensive training.

Том Круз готовится снова стать лучшим стрелком

Tom Cruise


Tom cruise in “top gun”


Tom cruise jubilant. They finally were convinced that their idol really
again play his famous character — Pete Mitchell, of the blockbuster “the Best
Strelok”, released in 1986 year.

The network has a photo showing that the 55-year-old Tom has already started
the intense training. Saw him on the tarmac where he is, right
preparation for the role, flew in a military helicopter. Apparently, Tom
have not sat at the helm, as in his behaviour I felt a bit
nervousness. And at the edge of the field, just in case, the car was parked Ambulance
Assistance with the rescue brigade. However, the excitement was in vain: all was quite
well. And one of the team members, who met Cruz after landing,
explicit investment held him in her

that will shot the sequel to the first film, which became a real hit and
grossed more than $ 300 million, by the standards of the time,
it very much was for a long time. In may of this year, finally, said that the sequel will happen. And
recently it became known and the release date of the film: the audience will see it
July 2019. Shooting, as it was announced
needs to start next year. It is reported that the Director of the film is Tony Scott, who directed the first movie, but who died in 2012, will be Joseph
Kozinskiy. But whether involved in the movie vel
Kilmer, who played the last time a friend of the crews is still unknown. He has
I hinted that I would love to work in this project, but the answer still
not received. Apparently, the producers fear that the verdict may again
to sum up health. After the last few years Kilmer fought with
cancer, which he, according to Val, by some miracle, managed