Tom cruise is Dating Vanessa Kirby

Том Круз встречается с Ванессой Кирби

A 54-year-old Hollywood actor, whose personal life lately murky mystery, a romance with 28-year-old actress Vanessa Kirby. As reports the edition to InTouch Weekly, the artist in love with his partner on the film “Mission impossible — 6” (“Mission: Impossible 6”), and considers her a talented actress.

Game Kirby so impressed cruise that he asked her and his new film project – the continuation of the franchise. Vanessa is known for her role as Princess Margaret in the cult TV series “the Crown”.
Recall that the previous marriage to Tom broke up because of his fascination with Scientology. For this sect Tom cruise is almost a Messiah, and the wife of actor Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes could not stand this state of Affairs. Rumor has it that Tom has not once picked up the brides of the parishioners of the Church, but to please the crews still failed. Is Kirby one of sectants, is still unknown.