Tom cruise is afraid to repeat destiny of the father

Том Круз боится повторить судьбу своего отца
The brave actor has fears.

Tom Cruise


Until recently it was believed that the 55-year-old Tom cruise is not afraid at all
nothing. His absolute fearlessness when performing unimaginable stunts in
Hollywood stories. But, as it turned out Tom has his fears.

Journalist Wensley Clarkson, who wrote a book about Kruse, had learned from friends of the actor,
Tom is afraid of dying before the age of 60 years — but not from injury, from cancer.
The fact that his father Thomas was Mapother Cruz died of cancer
disease, when he was not yet 50 years old. Besides, for several generations
men in his family die from bowel cancer. And Tom is afraid of becoming
another victim. According to friends of the cruise, it is much more than necessary,
blood tests to identify blood markers for the disease. And while
pathology it is not revealed, he lives in constant fear.

Incidentally, according to some experts, fears Cruz is not
groundless. So, Dr. Joel Feinstein from Los Angeles says that the chances
people whose parents died from colon cancer in 2-3 times above to
this disease than all the rest.

As for other risks, their Cruz simply ignores it. For example,
he recently broke his leg while performing a dangerous stunt on the set of the next
the movie franchise “Mission impossible”. And so, unable to withstand the recommended
doctors 9 weeks of break, That already came early to the set. Little
addition, according to Director Christopher Macquarrie as soon as Cruz was quite restored he intends
to do something very special trick — “something absolutely unthinkable, something even Tom
‘ve never done before!” — said the Director.