Tom cruise ignores the 10-year anniversary of his daughter

Том Круз игнорирует 10-летний юбилей своей дочери
Suri has lost hope for a meeting with her star dad.

Том Круз игнорирует 10-летний юбилей своей дочери

Suri Cruise

Photo: Splash News/East news

Tom Cruise

Photo: Splash News/East news

Just the other day in the family
Katie Holmes will take place an important event: her daughter Suri turns
10 years. Ex-wife of Tom cruise to the organization of the anniversary approached responsibly and tried to perform the most cherished
desires Suri — all but one: so on my birthday appeared the star daddy girls.

Apparently, Tom cruise will miss the holiday — the third time in a row, limiting another greeting on the phone. More
in the last three years the actor,
according to foreign media generally never awarded Suri meeting. This year, Cruz,
according to close friends Katie, justified the lack of employment on the set. Now the actor involved in the work
the sequel to “the Mummy”. How likely could afford
a day off for the birth of a daughter. However, they say that his mentors from
the Church of Scientology strongly
recommend to do it.

According to rumors, after
divorce ex-wife, cruise became Scientology in the environment person
non grata. Cruz is not allowed to communicate with her and the child
because of the reluctance of Katie to join the ranks of like-minded Volume. Recently it was reported that Hollywood actor is going to move in
The UK, where she bought a house that once belonged to the founder
of Scientology. So now spiritual mentors Cruz will have even more
the effect on Tom, and to meet the Pope Suri in the near future is unlikely

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