Tom cruise has seriously risked his life to rescue movie

Том Круз всерьез рискнул жизнью ради кино
The actor was struck by a desperate trick.

Том Круз всерьез рискнул жизнью ради кино

Tom cruise in “top gun”


Tom cruise once again proved that it is not afraid of anything. On the set of his next
the film That essentially abandoned the spirit himself performs all
his own stunts, including difficult jumps.

the exploits of the crews were members of the crew team regular, already the sixth
account film of the franchise “Mission
impossible.” They had the opportunity to observe how bravely did
jumping, and not just with towers, and from aircraft flying at high altitude.
Furthermore, I landed the actor on the smooth tarmac, terrain, densely
overgrown with trees, which is not easy even for professionals. Moreover, in some
the time Cruz just completely shocked his colleagues by proposing to self-perform more protracted
jump in a team with three other skydivers. What he realized, causing
sincere applause of their colleagues.

Incidentally, recently, using
a pause in the filming of “Miiii…” That took a different risky venture. He decided
to restore their little half-forgotten skills that will be needed to
the filming of his next project — the sequel of the movie “top gun.” Cruz appeared on the tarmac, where he is, right
preparation for the role, has made several flights in a military helicopter. Throughout
likely, That have not sat at the helm, as in his behavior
I felt a bit nervous. And at the edge of the field, just in case, was
parked the car “emergency” with the duty crew. However, the excitement was
in vain: everything went quite well. And one of the team members,
met the crews after landing, put him in
his arms.

Tom cruise on the set of the franchise “Mission impossible”


as for the filming of “Mission..”, which
are currently in Oxfordshire, they are now in full swing. As
it was announced, viewers will be able to see this movie until July of next year.