Том Круз лишился миллионов из-за собственной жадности
Career of the actor on the wane.

A scene from “Mission impossible”

As it became known, Tom cruise recently made
a fatal mistake. He demanded a reward for his work on
the set of the most promising of the upcoming movies that the Studio
decided to freeze the project. About this reported the publication the Hollywood Reporter.

Fans of the franchise “Mission impossible” was brutally
disappointed by the unexpected statement of the representatives of the Paramount. They said that shooting the sixth part of the deferred
indefinitely, and perhaps the project will be canceled altogether. Nobody expected such a turn of events, after all, preparation
shooting the sixth part of the movie series was already in full swing. Was completed
the scenario assigned Director Christopher Macquarrie and approved by cast.
The main role in the project — in addition to Cruz had to play Jeremy Renner and Rebecca Ferguson. Shooting was going on schedule
to start in January next year, and have been determined, the release date of the movie on the screen…

All the plans destroyed unexpected announcement cruise. Tom
said that expects to earn on this project not less than 75 million
dollars. For less it to do not agree. In fact, Cruz
never paid a fee above 25 million. But he was often able to negotiate
a substantial percentage of the movie rental. He was going to do the trick and
this time. But the Studio is categorically not satisfied. The fact that fees from each new movie
franchise in U.S. box office is becoming less. So last
today “Mission”, released in 2015, gathered in theaters
The United States the sum is much greater than the film’s budget. Therefore, the requirement of Cruz
was rejected and preparations for the shooting stopped.

In the end, Tom lost and the amount that was
he proposed… And, experts say, made it all completely
in vain. After all, this story may affect his future career. It
future employers may be afraid that he will break and their project, again requiring
exorbitant compensation. Besides, Tom is not getting younger — he turned 54
year. And slowly begin to displace the young competitors, who can do it
tricks not worse, that he…

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