Tom cruise has deprived his children of the inheritance

Том Круз лишил своих детей наследства
The actor will promote the spread of Scientology in the UK.

Tom Cruise

Photo: Zuma/TASS

The other day it became known,
what Hollywood star Tom cruise is leaving the country for good. If you believe the foreign media, soon he’s going to focus all
its focus on strengthening the position of the Church of Scientology outside of the United States, and The
had to sell all his property in America…

Now Cruz will have to live in the UK — in the mansion of the founder of the religious movement, which
he committed to. It is about the British estate that once belonged to the writer-the fantast
Hubbard, who is considered the “father” is forbidden in many countries
religion — Scientology. To buy 40 acres of land and a complex of buildings
located in the County of Sussex, the Hollywood actor had to put on
sell all his property in the United States. That is, in fact, That invests in
Scientology all their money, earned in a long acting career. Cruz
plans to make the mansion the largest religious center of Europe for adherents
this belief.

Thus, having parted with the estate, The disinherited their children: foster Isabella and Conor and his daughter Suri from ex-wife Katie Holmes. Moreover, rumor has it, that by reason of repair of the mansion Hubbard Cruz and emptied their Bank accounts. Will the Hollywood actor to pay
the Katy child support to his 9-year-old daughter can only guess, but has now become
it is clear that Tom puts himself in an extremely difficult financial situation.

However, instead of nested
millions Cruz has gained among Scientologists new status. Now the actor will be able to get up
almost on a par with David Mickiewicz — the current head of the Church of Scientology. It should be noted that many fans
Hollywood stars are sure specially Miscavige showed cruise a special location that gave earned millions on development
of Scientology.

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