Tom cruise had reproduced 23 of its own role in nine minutes

Том Круз воспроизвел 23 собственные роли за девять минут

54-year-old actor showed a master class on the show James Corden.

The other day Tom cruise was a guest of the Comedy program on CBS, which successfully fulfilled the task of the leader: play in non-stop mode 23 movie in which he played a major role. Helped actor James Corden and special effects in the background.

Surprisingly, at first, the actor felt a little embarrassed. “You ready?” asked cord. “No!” – said Cruz. But the presenter did not seem to hear the denial of the stars, turned on the music and… the show began!

We have to admit that Cruz was worried for nothing. Wonder exactly he managed to get into each of their roles and to amuse the audience. In nine minutes he showed the most vivid episodes of “Mission impossible,” “rain Man”, “Jerry Maguire”, “Days of thunder”, “War of the worlds” and other paintings.

Ended performance favorite scene fans of the actor dance in the movie “Risky business.”

In the Arsenal of Tom cruise, recall that more than 40 roles. Next year will see two films with his participation – “the Mummy” and “Exchange”. Also in the next years planned release of “Mission: impossible – 6” and “Best shooter – 2”.