Tom cruise decided on plastic surgery

Том Круз решился на пластическую операцию

53-year-old man wants to rejuvenate, to extend his acting career.

Since childhood, Tom has been complex. Few remember, but in one of the first paintings Cruz “Rogue” actor appeared with a strange smile and terrible teeth, in djinovce sleeveless.

Probably when your first big paycheck, Tom decided to get rid of your problem immediately. Cruz admits that spent on the services of a dentist a fortune. But now his white smile reflected in the cameras and dazzle women.

Tom has never been famous for love beauty shots and surgery, but then the 53-year-old actor decided to work your magic on your appearance.

It turns out that looking at ourselves in the continuation of the cult film “the Mummy”, That was seriously upset. The actor has long started to notice that the years take their toll, but Cruz is absolutely not satisfied with wrinkles, jowls and eyebrows.

To save another 10 years of career, Cruz decided to go for plastic surgery. To really change the face, Botox injections and other procedures that do not require surgical intervention, is not enough. An insider told In Touch Weekly that Tom decided to do the operation in Switzerland and already have chosen a clinic. The journey of an actor is thinking to implement in the near future.

Fans of the actor I am afraid that That is not overdone with plastic surgery as his colleagues, for example Mickey Rourke or Sylvester Stallone.

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