Tom cruise could have died on the space Shuttle that exploded in 2003

Том Круз мог погибнуть на космическом шаттле, который взорвался в 2003 году

In 2013 on the big screens out the film “Oblivion” in which Tom cruise had to play equipment, evacuated from Earth to the spacecraft.

Few people know, but to space and fly beyond Earth actor took a particular interest. Cruz once had the opportunity to fly into space in 2003, and even launched a covert preparation for a special program. For some reason the participation of the crews in this space expedition was cancelled. As it later turned out, fortunately for the actor. The Shuttle Columbia, which was to take astronauts into orbit, exploded during the passage of the atmosphere. Then all the crew members were killed.

Since then, Tom’s desire to get into space somewhat subsided. However, Cruz still wants to become a space tourist on the ship of billionaire Richard Branson during the journey, under the name “Virgin Galactic”. Tom even prepared to pay about 200 thousand dollars.


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