Tom cruise announced the title of the sequel to “top gun”

Том Круз озвучил название сиквела «Лучшего стрелка»

Hollywood actor Tom cruise announced the title of the sequel to top gun, the movie, which thirty years ago made the artist a real sex symbol of Hollywood. 54-year-old Tom gave an interview with Access Hollywood, in which he spoke about the forthcoming and long-awaited film project, which is now so much talk.

“He will not be called “top gun -2”. It’s called “the Best shot: Meverik”. I don’t want any numbers in the name, and the viewer does not need them,” said Tom.
The name of the new Lena was in honor of the main character pilot a fighter pilot Pete “Meverik” Mitchell, played and will play Cruz. Tom noted that during the filming of the second part of the franchise they will stick to the same tone as in the original part of 1986.
“Stylistically, we’re filming in the same tone, we know that audiences expect to continue, and want it to be,” Kruse said.
In addition to the Volumes in the original tape starred Kelly Mcgillis , Anthony Edwards ,Meg Ryan and Val Kilmer, but it is unknown whether we will see any of them this time. In particular, it is unlikely the appearance of Kilmer – as you know, he’s struggling with throat cancer and order passed in the last few years.
Recall that broadcast by Australian TV show on 23 may That confirmed rumors that he was preparing to shoot a sequel of a popular movie.
“I plan to start shooting next year. It’s really going to happen. Exactly,” he assured Tom.