Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman will star in Frank the film

Том Круз и Николь Кидман снимутся в откровенном фильме

American actor Tom cruise proposed to his ex-wife Nicole Kidman to reunite. However, this will happen only on the screen. Cruz invited the Oscar-winning Nicole to star in the film about former spouses who are experiencing a flash of feelings after a divorce. Tom opened the secret tape is replete with explicit sex scenes.

Tom cruise personally called ex-wife and suggested she read the initial script of the film about Chet, who has endured a difficult divorce, but after that the feelings between people has flashed with new force. The tape is full of explicit scenes. Of course, if they do not play such emotions.
Nicole was very surprised at the suggestion of the cruise and have not yet given a final answer. According to sources, Kidman will most likely agree to the role. Since it is an interesting experience. But the actress embarrassing sex scenes. For her it is a taboo, which it has for many years does not violate.
The film is still in the stage script, and he even got a name. However, Tom cruise invited Kidman to think and to write dialogues and to discuss the tape.
Recall Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman met in 1990 on the set of the movie “Days of thunder”. The young people were married six months later, at Christmas. Family tandem was very successful in his career. Together the couple starred in two iconic paintings — “Far away” in 1992 and the last film Stanley Kubrick’s “eyes wide shut” in 1999. During the filming on the film Kubrick in a couple of fell apart and disappeared. The actors spent a lot of time together working on the erotic drama, and warmed to the role of cold to each other spouses. Tom and Nicole argued, could not play any scene. After the completion of “eyes wide shut” they broke up. According to rumors, the actress was three months pregnant, but because of the experiences lost the baby.
The ex-wife have not communicated for more than 10 years, and certainly not starred. In some interview, Nicole Kidman mentioned ex-husband and the sorrows of divorce. However, it is always emphasized that Tom and her special relationship as their world in the vast universe.