Tom cruise again miss the birthday of his daughter

Том Круз снова пропустит день рождения дочери

Suri cruise will get a lot of gifts and wishes to your tenth birthday, on 18 April, but this year, like last, and last, she will not see his father, Hollywood actor Tom cruise< /strong>. The artist formally apologized to the daughter, stating to her that he will not be able to be with her on her birthday.

Том Круз снова пропустит день рождения дочери
The day Suri is going to blow out the candles on their birthday cake, Tom will be at the other end of the world. According to the publication “In Touch”, Cruz “habitually apologized to his daughter.” Now he is in the process of filming the movie “the Mummy” and “cannot be interrupted”. Instead of to be with her daughter in her holiday, the actor will be in Oxford, UK.
Katie chasm of very angry ex-husband, because Suri’s heart is broken, but I must say that this does not happen for the first time.

Том Круз снова пропустит день рождения дочери
“Tom had many opportunities in the past to see my daughter, but he distanced himself from the former family and refused to communicate with them. Have passed 900 days from the moment Suri has seen the father” — told an insider, and added that Cruz doesn’t want to communicate with his ex-wife, because she is the Scientology Church, an ardent disciple of which he is. Because Katie has a great impact on Suri, Tom sure that the girl shares the views of the mother. This may be the reason of unwillingness of the actor to communicate with her daughter.

“Tom sees Suri photos, sees as she becomes a big girl, and it eats him up inside. It’s going to change determined by a court of law of guardianship and to increase the time allotted to him under the law to communicate with my daughter,” said the insider. I hope you will not forget to congratulate the daughter, at least on the phone.

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