Tolkalina was justified because of the scandalous remarks about Jolie and her colleagues

Толкалина оправдалась из-за скандального высказывания о Джоли и ее коллегах The woman commented, which turned out to producer Harvey Weinstein. Against men made by several Actresses of the first magnitude. Of Tolkalina has caused ambiguous reaction of the public. Later, the actress said that she was misunderstood.
Толкалина оправдалась из-за скандального высказывания о Джоли и ее коллегах

Day after day, has been simmering scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein. One of the most influential figures of Hollywood, is accused of abuse of office. Many famous Actresses, including Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Asia Argento, Romola garai and rose McGowan, testified against him. At the same time, other colleagues Weinstein publicly condemned his behavior. In their opinion, the actions of men have no excuse. Some also said that the incident is not a problem of one producer and the entire industry, “factory of dreams”.

DiCaprio, Jolie, Clooney and others were involved in a massive sex scandal

Journalists contacted the domestic Actresses and Directors, to learn about how things are going with the harrasment in Russian cinema. The publication in which the material came, emphasizes that many artists refused to comment on this topic. Among those who agreed to share their opinion on a serious matter, was Lyubov Tolkalina.

“They [the women who accused Harvey Weinstein] did not quite girly. Because sexual harassment – well, it’s fine, honestly. And if you have a role, then who cares how you got it. It seems to be, on the contrary, some kind of solidarity. All is well – it is good, it is good, and the audience, most importantly, good. There are such a great role. In General, how can a man be accused of sexual harassment, except it is not for this exists in the world?” – quoted correspondents Tolkalina.

According to the publication, citing actress, if of the opposite sex is the authority that he is able to use for personal purposes, it has certain influence on women. “Well, when sexually harassing someone, who has such tremendous power, isn’t it?” – quoted in the press saying stars.

According to Tolkalina, victims of violence prefer not to talk about their experiences. “Because it drops, I think, and you in the public eye, and it,” said the actress. Love believes that Hollywood stars have been theoretically able to testify against Weinstein is guided not entirely honest intentions. In this case, shared Tolkalina, the situation can be described as someone’s order.

During the conversation with reporters, Love announced that she herself was not a chance encounter with malpractice on the part of colleagues. At the same time, the star is sure: filmmakers must shoot only those Actresses that they like, wrote the publication “Medusa”.

Celebrity interviews provoked a heated debate on the Network. There were those who openly criticized actress. Later, Lyubov Tolkalina said that her words were taken out of context and misinterpreted. According to the women, she was not going to protect those who rape women.

“Am I really to believe that sexual harassment, violence – well… Really it can say at least one living person. Why? Why? And so hard now in connection with Dima. Why now all this nonsense… but what is. (…) If you are in such a situation, then decide for yourself, use your head. Know where and what was going on. Everyone decides for himself and determines the boundaries. (…) In my interview it was said that the viewer doesn’t care how you got the role. Hereinafter,” shared the actress.