Tolkalina Grebenshchikov invited to make a video about the affair

Толкалина предложила Гребенщикову снять видео об их романе The actress answered questions from fans about the relationship with popular musician. Last week Tolkalina and Grebenshchikov was seen together in the city of Moore, where a group of artist gave a concert. According to eyewitnesses, they hugged and acted like a couple in love.

      The theater and film actress Lyubov Tolkalina and the leader of group “Aquarium” Boris Grebenshchikov was seen last week in the city of Moore. After fans of celebrities saw the movie, which stars hugged and held hands, they had a lot of questions. Visit Tolkalina in the social network were followed by discussion. All concerned with whether the 39-year-old actress is Dating 63-year-old rocker. Love Tolkalina suspected affair with Boris Grebenshikov

      First Tolkalina laughed at the rumors and told reporters that we should not try to earn on her personal life. A celebrity is not concealed from the public what really was at a concert Grebenshchikov in Murom, and also toured the historic sites of this city. However, to comment on his relationship with rocker Love was in no hurry. Tired of the barrage of questions, the actress posted a joint photo with Boris and wrote a post in which he spoke in detail about the connection with the musician.

      “I read the news about his personal life, look at carefully produced photos and videos, and that’s what I think. I believe video need to redo! Boris, what do you think? It’s a little friendly, sweet, and even embarrassing. You need to remove something that was strong, why would break the Internet completely. What you write as comment which use words and expressions: “disown relations, weary of the affair with a nursing rocker”. It is written by those who are not aware of what BG did for several generations of people in our unfortunate country. Truly, truly unfortunate if people think solely panties, stuck them in the head. Specifically devaluing all to stop to feel his own inferiority,” said Tolkalina.

      According to celebrity, most people do not understand that between a man and a woman can be not only novel, but also a strong friendship. Tolkalina believes that society thinks very stereotypical.

      “Everything is clear: drink, beating, walks, age, how many times married, whose wives. It: age is not young already, recently left her husband, or for a long time, zapatka, a good wife, anyway, because a whore, of course. People and not think that they with their school ruler trying to measure the ocean” – with humor wrote Love.

      Fans of Tolkalina laughed at the text of the artist, noting that she very clearly expressed emotions. Some members remained of the opinion that Grebenshikov and Tolkalina look good together.