Терпевшая побои мужа звезда «Дома-2» родила сына The girl accepts congratulations. Bernikov Vic does prepare for replenishment in the family and have purchased almost everything needed for a newborn. Ex-member of the famous electroni very kind to mothers.

      Терпевшая побои мужа звезда «Дома-2» родила сына

      The star of the reality show “House-2” Victoria Bernikov became a mother. She gave her lover Leonid Plainsgame son. Fans congratulate a girl with such a joyful event. Former member of the popular project were looking forward to the birth of the baby. The parents even chose a name for your heir. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” is pregnant from her husband who brutally beat her

      “I ask again, if I’m firmly decided on the name of the son. I say that categorically and I do not doubt your decision. My mom jokes that our family will be a girl. But I stand by the fact that the sound name is just like a lion! No baby talk!” – said Victoria.

      Now Victoria is preparing to take in a mother’s chores. She set up a room for the baby, chose the necessary things. The main adviser in this matter, she considers her mother. The woman gladly shares his experience with his daughter. Bernikov admitted that they have already bought a crib and a cradle for the son, and now picks strollers. A young mother wants to buy a few, but the colour scheme she planned to select only that which will be in harmony with the name Leo.

      “Recently I went to the store in search of a locker for things the baby and saw a high enough version, but it (imagine!) full height picture of a lion. Well, how could it not buy? It’s a sign. In fact, these signs are following me everywhere. After the birth of the son will be with us. And then, as grows up, he will have his own room in the style of Lev Leonidovich. While we are preparing,” – enthusiastically shared the joy of preparation.

      Victoria waited a doctor whom she trusts completely and determine that the girl will need to go to give birth at the clinic. Girl all relied on specialists and was looking forward to a exciting time in her life.