Today “StarHit” celebrates 9th anniversary!

Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие! November 22, the project of Andrei Malakhov celebrates his birthday. For many years our faithful readers invariably are the first to know about the most important events from the world of show business and not only.

    Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие!

    It would seem that just yesterday you bought the first issue of Andrei Malakhov “StarHit” with a glossy cover and clicked on the materials, having spotted a hot exclusive on the website. From this point on it’s been nine years! And all this time you were with us.

    Our readers are the first to know the latest and exclusive news from life of stars of show business, crying, reading the revelations of celebrities on pages of our magazine, laughing, studying the history of the past and present, as well as running as soon as possible to share the read with friends and acquaintances. We are happy to celebrate our common holiday, which involved each of you!

    The first interview mother Zhanna Friske, the meeting of Prokhor Chaliapin son of Anna Kalashnikova, exclusive photos from the wedding of Andrei Arshavin, the details of the birth of Ksenia Sobchak, Tina Kandelaki for the first time on the new husband, the scandalous gap Kamiren Elina and Alexander Zadoinov is only a small part of what you first learned from us this year.

    Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие!

    We vow that you will see the most beautiful celebrity weddings, read about the main secrets of artists that they hide over the years, will be introduced to our pages with family and friends those whom you call heroes. In short, we promise to continue to be your most favorite, comfortable and fascinating guide to the world stars of show business!

    Celebrity who graced our cover, has congratulated the project and its loyal readers.

    Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие!
    Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие!“First and foremost, of course, congratulations on the ninth birthday of his brainchild of my close friend Andrei Malakhov. I wish him a rapidly developing project, prosperity, success and the reader’s love. This edition, which is really respected by all, he is happy to buy it every week. “StarHit” you’re the best!”
    Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие!Dozens of really cool people on the project “StarHit”, happy birthday! That passed another eventful year for me and for you. Thank you for always been there for and supported. You are well and in sorrow and in joy. Let your characters be good reasons for articles. Readers, I wish happiness and love!”
    Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие!That’s me, that’s “StarHit” and “StarHit” – I like to sing to the tune of the increasingly popular song Pineapple Apple Pen Pen. Glad our feelings with one of the most popular magazines about stars mutual. Congratulations on the ninth birthday, readers to sing, play, walk, fall in love, and the editorial – circulation, exclusive news and more I was on the cover! By the way, dear readers, look for us with Sophie on Christmas!”
    Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие!“Personally congratulate the founding father of Andrey Malakhov and his team and all those who work daily on making this a bright and interesting publication, with the ninth birthday. Creative victories to you, positive emotions and sharp as a skate blade, reports!”
    Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие!
    Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие!“Along with Agatha congratulate favorite magazine with the ninth birthday! We read with pleasure the whole family, follow the news on the website. Wish “StarHit” always be a welcome guest in the homes of the stars, the first to give sensation and to expand the audience to the global scale!”
    Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие!“In its nine years, “StarHit” burns is not exactly childish. I wish the publishing proudly soar in the media environment, as “migratory bird”, to brighten the world with light and to “love only you”! Happy birthday!”
    Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие!“My beautiful “StarHit” and his equally wonderful editor! Many years I wish you to delight readers all over Russia and abroad, to give positive and good mood. All our plans come true as soon as possible”.
    Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие!“Dear “StarHit”! From our family congratulations on almost the anniversary! My eldest son Ivan in a future year will also celebrate the ninth birthday. I wish one of your favorite magazines childlike, yet serious interesting people and great popularity”.
    Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие!“Nine years for a magazine – quite a long time. I congratulate its creators, readers and, of course, editor-in-chief, my friend Andrei Malakhov. “StarHit”, you have a rich and cultural life, many years! Let the stars more often trust you with their “secrets to a million.”
    Сегодня «СтарХит» отмечает 9-летие!

    One of the first project “StarHit” congratulated the daughter of our chief editor – she sent gifts, made his own. This autumn Andrey Malakhov became a godfather of one of the winners of the contest “on holiday with Andrey Malakhov” – the 38-year-old Olga Prosviryakova. The woman wanted to undergo the rite of baptism for many years, but the opportunity to implement his plan had only recently. Olga could not even dream that her godfather will become Andrey Malakhov. The Ordinance passed in an atmosphere of solemnity, lasted about an hour, and did the ceremony personally by the rector of the Metropolitan Church – father Andrew, handing the girl the first prayer book. Andrey Malakhov became the father of two girls

    By the way, in the number of “vacationers” who went this fall to Sardinia, Olga Prosviryakova was after he wrote a letter to the editor with a request to take on a journey of her close friend. The message to women was so touching that Andrey Malakhov has decided to extend the trip and herself.