Сегодня Павлу Прилучному исполняется 32 года: самые интересные факты из жизни актера

Сегодня Павлу Прилучному исполняется 32 года: самые интересные факты из жизни актера

Today, 5 November 2019, a popular Russian actor Paul Prilichnom turned 32. He receives congratulations from not only domestic counterparts, but also from Hollywood stars. Well, we tell you interesting facts of his life, which is not known to all.1. Been into professional Boxing

Father Paul was a Boxing trainer and, of course, brought her son to the ring. The actor is involved in the sport is not an Amateur, and professionally, he even has the title of candidate master of sports. Boxing has forever left imprints on health Priluchnogo, during the long years of training in the actor’s nose was broken several times, and was a frequent concussions. His father died when Paul was only 13 years old, since he says that Boxing is his life and helped many times, especially in periods of life, when he lived in disadvantaged areas of the country.

2. Besides Boxing, studied music and dancing

It’s hard to believe, but the actor has combined Boxing with dancing and music. And all because his mother was a choreographer and tried the child to develop a sense of the beautiful and the spiritual. In Novosibirsk, Paul enrolled in ballet school, but dropped out, as had the desire to study at drama school. The celebrity has two children and they were also fully developed.

3. ‘ve never been frightened of any work

Him from an early age had to earn money to have personal money. So Priluchny managed to change several professions. In 10 years, he and a friend washed the car on the track. Also bought turtle wholesale and sold them retail, was in his life and work loader. Becoming older, he began receiving offers on weddings and corporate events, he gladly agreed. At this point in life, Paul admitted that the work leading will never be, no matter what the amount was not offered.

4. Went to doctors for plastic surgery

After the guy starred in famous paintings “the game” and “school Closed” it gained its popularity. However, serious role and did not go to him, always offered the second role or something ordinary. Paul always had a slight inferiority complex because of his protruding ears, and at that time I was sure that it does not take in serious projects because of its lack. So he decided and made his ears more attractive. In the series “C” we can see it already after undergoing plastic surgery.

5. Romance with Nikki reed

Their romance was known all over the world. Nikki arrived in Moscow to your friends, where she attended a theatrical production, in which he played Paul. After the completion of the play she personally came to him and asked out, but he refused. Priluchny didn’t even know English, so their subsequent communication was built only on the signs of gestures. The pair met for about a year, but at a distance. Reid even made a tattoo with the name of a loved one, which at the end brought. She made an offer to Paul to marry her and even had a date for the wedding, but after the girl was gone without explaining their behavior. The actor said that Nikki was just playing with his emotions.

6. Proposed to my wife on the first date

Paul met Agatha muceniece for the filming of the series “Closed school”. It was there that he made her an offer of marriage, but Agatha was not looking at him as a serious young man, so confidently answered “no.” Such proposals were made a huge amount, and Priluchnogo didn’t stop the fact that Agatha had a relationship with another man. In the end, they got married after two months of a relationship.

7. Do not read that write about it

Paul often posts photos on his page in Instagram, but the comments never reads. As he said on instagram the majority of people who don’t know what to do, so I write my opinion. People become angry lately, so read what they write, he has no desire.

8. For the role have the same tattoo

On the neck of the guy, you notice a tattoo that says DOC and the bar code. The guy did not choose the location and type of tattoo, just for the role in the movie “the game” was necessary. He said that many for roles lose weight or get fat, shave the hair, and he felt that this role will bring him success, so I went on such a step. Initially it is a little bit confused, and then stopped to pay attention.

9. Do not go to social events

In his opinion it is stupid waste of time. At such events people go to show their status or expensive clothes. Paul is confident that the actors would remember the beautiful role, not an expensive tuxedo. Priluchny prefer in free time to meet friends, to go to nature or to sit in the bath.

10. Will appear soon in the role of Chatsky

Coming soon on television screens will show “Woe from wit”, this is an adaptation of the works of Griboyedov. But, as recognized by the Directors of the paintings from the work remains only the name. In the show Paul will play a major role. By the way, this production promises to be a very interesting and unusual. Such Russian TV has not yet removed.

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