Tobacco on the mend! Oleg Pavlovich has started to eat porridge

Табаков пошел на поправку! Олег Павлович начал есть манную кашу
There are good news about the health of the people’s artist.

Oleg Tabakov

Photo: New person

Since then, as Oleg Tabakov
hospitalized in the First city hospital on 27 November, in front of all
new messages about the state of health of people’s artist. Alas,
optimistic forecasts in these reports was not enough. But today, finally appeared
good news!

The journalists of the newspaper “MK” talked
with the Deputy mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov, who is in charge, including
the medical institutions of the capital, and he was for many years a practicing physician.

“I can say that today
day as Oleg Pavlovich stable, he said. — All figures,
including blood counts improve. He had the appetite. He gradually
he started to get up. We are seeing a positive trend. So agents of ritual
services please do not worry”.