Спешит на помощь: кто защищает Валерию, Лолиту и Витаса в судах Today, may 31, the Day of the Russian advocacy. Star lawyer Sergei Zhorin told the “StarHit”, how to protect Valerie from the attacks of Anastasia Volochkova and what it took for him to persuade the artist to go to jail.
Спешит на помощь: кто защищает Валерию, Лолиту и Витаса в судах

He shared the inheritance of Alexander porohovschikova, helped lo win a few court cases and represented the interests of Nikas Safronov, who was accused of rape a kind of Rostov the singer. But with the wards Sergey found not only at meetings: during the years of cooperation with celebrities he had become their friend.

Not knowing of sleep and fatigue

“The first thing I warn future lawyers: in our business there is no concept of normalized working day, – says Sergey with “StarHit”. – Chat with the customers sometimes at six in the morning is normal. Very often, even on holidays and weekends. As it was, for example, with Joseph Prigozhin few years ago. I was vacationing in tel Aviv, late evening stroll along the promenade, when he called the anxious Joseph and said that Anastasia Volochkova called Valery political prostitute”.

“The producer insisted that the urgent need to file a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity, we must not tarry. I had to persuade him to wait until morning because at night we still do nothing. It was not easy, because in all that concerns his family, Prigogine very hot – barely managed to restrain his ardor. This morning I took information gathering, flew to Russia, presented to the internal Affairs bodies of evidence and opened a case on administrative violation against Volochkova. It was a resonant process, in which Anastasia realized that I need to be very attentive to his speech, and apologized to Valeria”.

Cooling emotions sponsored – skill, which Gorino have to resort very often. “With Lolita during the trials against the HOA we even have a tradition – with a smile says Sergey. – The fact that she is a very emotional person and often speaking in court, gave vent to feelings, proving the truth: I was talking out loud, gesticulating much… When I’m at the faces of those present realized that their is a shocking, gently took her under the table by the hand, giving to understand that Lola, quieter. Almost always helped – she almost lowered the tone. But a couple of times, went into a rage, the actress missed all the signs, and had even lightly pinching to return to the reality of the meeting.”

Спешит на помощь: кто защищает Валерию, Лолиту и Витаса в судах

In the case of the singer Vitas about arranged them in March of this year shooting in the elite Barvikha village Gorino also had to work as a psychologist. When it was revealed that the star will still have to spend a few days in the infirmary, he proved it is not morally ready.

“I had a long time to convince Vitaly that nothing wrong with that, criminals will not close and nothing to fear, – says Sergey. – Told what to do, how to interact with others… It is, of course, until recently, could not accept that I will go to jail. Requested solitary confinement, but I explained that the conditions in it are more severe than in the General. We talked for hours before he got used to the idea. There were, however, in this situation, and without humor.”

“When I came to pick up acne from home to take to jail, he was standing at the door with a festive, bright suitcase. Must be usually on the Maldives flies. Ask: “you Got swim trunks with flippers, or what?” Prepared for the first trip, do not say anything. Laughed… Like the police, seeing what Luggage arrived to serve the detention Buchanan”.

Not in service, and friendship

By the way, many years ago Joseph has acquainted Sergey with producer Maxim Fadeev, with whom they are now friends. “Our relationship started with business issues, – continues Sergey. Maxime has written a number of songs for the young singer Ekaterina Grua. At first she was satisfied, and then began in a rough form to show Fadeev claim here is correct, there is a remake… Maxime first went to meet, and then I realized that nitpicking arise from the fact that he just doesn’t want to pay. To offer to rescind the contract he could not, then the girl would have had the right to demand the penalty. So I asked Joseph to introduce us. The case was urgent, I began to negotiate with the sponsor of the singer, but he refused to solve the issue peacefully, and we had to submit to the court.”

“The arbitration process, we won, obliging the opposite direction to compensate a million and a half euros. After showered threats that me and Fadeev will break his legs. As a result, the attitude of the patron, the singer opened a criminal case, he fled abroad, but was found by Interpol, sent to Russia and placed in jail.”

But not only did Sergey have to get his clients out of scrapes, and sometimes they stretch him a helping hand. “So it was with the same Fadeev – says Zhorin. – I used to solve your own problems, never ask. But when in March 2016 because of one high-profile case in me wanted to deprive of the status of the lawyer, being at that time at his Villa in Bali Max found out about it, called and with his usual sense of humor said, “What, Zhorin, heap, very you Khan?” I laughingly confirmed that it is. Fadeev has hastened to calm me: he says, now come and solve everything. I certainly don’t believe it. Max had to spend on the island for at least another month, don’t rush he is on the other end of the world. And what was my surprise when two days later, Fadeev has told that in Moscow – a pier, it is necessary to meet, knows how to help. And pulled me out. If not him, maybe I’d be a lawyer…”