В пух и прах: чем заканчивались самые скандальные расставания в «Доме-2» Over the 12 years of the project the lovers beat the dishes, smashed furniture and even raised a hand to each other. “StarHit” gathered the most vivid argument pairs, in which was the place of physical violence. Ultimately the unions are the heroes of our selections broke up, and we remembered what was the cause.

      В пух и прах: чем заканчивались самые скандальные расставания в «Доме-2»

      Fans of the TV project “Dom-2” is well known what passions running high at times on the court. Couples and then swear, and perhaps no one is surprised no scandals, no fights participants. However, there was a reality show such showdown, observing for which, even the skeptics or shed a tear, or hurry to speak about what they saw in social networks. “StarHit” remembered the most scandalous and shocking parting of the participants “House-2”, which at one time was considered a strong and sincere couples.

      Evgeny Kuzin and Margarita Agibalova

      Had been married a year and 10 months. Trying to build relationships not only among themselves but also with mom Rita.

      At the very beginning of the relationship of Eugene and Rita occurred dialog:

      – Do you love me? – asked the cousin.

      – Stupid question…

      – If stupid, then it’s just that to answer.

      – I loved, love and will love.

      – Do not promise.

      Cousin, how the water looked. The problems the couple started in December 2009 after the birth of her son Mitya. After discharge from the hospital Cousin came to live with mom Rita Irina Alexandrovna, who helped with his grandson.

      “I ordered Zhenya with us, so it was like home, mother-in-law confessed in an interview. But on the farm because you need to help. He and for three months he lay on the couch with the remote… He periodically arranged me to ignore. The reason? I made my Wife remark, and he doesn’t like them”.
      В пух и прах: чем заканчивались самые скандальные расставания в «Доме-2»

      Every day the discontent grew. “Margarita complained to mom that I’m not helping – shared cousins in an interview. – Then he began to talk about work, I have nothing went. It all accumulated, and then began to talk associated with the suppression of me as a person.”

      They tried to save the family returned to the perimeter. But together with young parents on the TV show came and Irina to help with the baby. The audience was constantly witnessing family arguments. Instead of gentle words from the lips of the spouses could only hear phrases like: “the Tone is slow down. Don’t shout”, “Irina, get out of my sight…”, “Step aside”, “Roundnose”, “Freak”… Young parents and the day could not do without quarrels and public explanation of the relationship.

      Cousins built Napoleonic plans, but never implemented. Over time, any words wife Eugene was perceived as an attempt to once again humiliate him. “My aggression is that I never realized. This is the main problem, that prevents me in my life” – admitted then cousins.

      Irina wanted to help, but their intervention only aggravates the situation. Come down to the fact that the rumors about cheating Cousin. Rita, in turn, kept his head and paid him the same coin entered into an intimate relationship with another member of the show Alexei Fadeevym what later admitted on Calvary. “It’s not Alesha. The fact that I see no reason to continue the relationship with Eugene,” said Margaret.

      The lack of money, constant conflict, betrayal… In the end the couple ended the relationship. Not so long ago a cousin was still a member of “House-2”, where he tried to build a relationship with Alexandra Artemov. Soon the couple announced the departure from the platform, and now lives outside telestroke. Rita is also happy in his personal life – in April 2014, she secretly married Paul Marceau, the marriage with whom she had another child – a daughter Bella. The family now lives in Cyprus. Family Agibalova emigrated from Russia

      Elina Kamiren and Alexander Zagainov

      Was together for about two years. Distinguished pregnant fights”.

      В пух и прах: чем заканчивались самые скандальные расставания в «Доме-2»

      This Union has always considered unequal. Elina Kamiren never hid their ambitions and plans to lead a posh lifestyle and modest Zadoinov no hurry to bring money into the house. Mutual claims between the lovers gradually accumulated, and turned it into a major scandal with intentions to leave the project, threats and insults. Expressive Kamiren on Calvary expressed what he thinks about his unlucky chosen one, and that, in turn, said that the change is not intended. Over time the children learned to live in peace, and the news of the impending birth of his daughter a few subdued their ardor. However, the couple were expecting another set of tests.

      The first months everything was quiet, without quarrels and scandals. But soon everything was back to normal. Then Sasha went with friends without telling Elina, came back and found his things outside the door. The expectant mother did not get enough attention. But the big fight took place in September 2014. Then Zadoinov got a text from his ex-wife, who asked to send money for their common daughter Nastia. Elina didn’t ask to ignore the child, she just wanted the past remained in the past – it hurt Sasha.

      When the conflict was sorted on Calvary, the host suggested a way to legitimize the relationship. What Zadoinov said that the wedding will be only when he wants it. It hurt even more with Elina, she gave Alexander a few times and even kicked him. The man shoved his beloved from him, and then she fainted.

      “When I returned from the hospital, I realized that you are guilty, and very worried. But I can’t accept that Sasha’s life. Now even acquainted with his daughter unwilling even before I was pregnant, even sent her gifts – for example, a designer purse. Maybe when the face will change their minds, but right now I feel pretty categorical. What is the relationship I have to his daughter? She has her mom and dad.”
      В пух и прах: чем заканчивались самые скандальные расставания в «Доме-2»

      18 Dec 2014 the couple has a daughter Sasha. The first four months the family lived in Tyumen, home town of Elina. Four months later, the couple still decided to return to the site.

      The first time it seemed that the birth of a child changed Elina and Alexander. But the quarrel began again. One day the lovers have a chance to quarrel, to fight, and in the evening to pretend like nothing ever happened. The reasons were all the same – lack of money, lack of attention Sasha’s jealousy.

      But at some point Zadoinov said Kamiren that if she continued to push at him, demanding to find work, to arrange her dates, give expensive gifts, it will be deployed on the left heel and dump”. Elina tore his clothes, doused with hot water, kicked out of the house, and Zadoinov was absolutely still.

      But even this difficult period they managed to survive and in December of 2015 left the project. “We decided to go, because already a little tired to constantly be in front of TV cameras – was recognized then Elina “StarHit”. – We worked hard for this decision, we thought about it and consulted. But the last word was for my civil husband Sasha. He said, “Elin, we’ve come too far to stop. It’s time to build a life for themselves.” For me, these words made an impression, and I realized that he’s right.”

      They rented a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of the capital, planned a wedding, raised a daughter. But after a few months all of a sudden broke up. Elina Kamiren showed the rented apartment where he lives with his daughter

      “I decided for myself: as man and woman we don’t exist – only as friends and parents of a common child, confessed Kamiren “StarHit”. – It’s a shame that before Sasha was excited, he wanted to win, did it and lost interest. I have the opposite: to hear about it did not want, and found out that you’re expecting, just went crazy with happiness, crying, realized that madly in love. Back in December we wanted to sign, but even then it was only for girls”.

      Old lovers sometimes still meet, spend time together and continue to sort things out. For example, recently on one of the show Elina and Alexander did a DNA test, as Zadoinov doubted his paternity. It turned out that the doubts were unwarranted, but this situation affected their relationship.

      Liberi Kadono and Evgeny Rudnev

      Were together for more than a year. Talking about divorce in a couple of weeks after the wedding.

      В пух и прах: чем заканчивались самые скандальные расставания в «Доме-2»

      Appearing on the project on 2 September 2011, Liberi Kadono once said: “I come just for the relationship, as the perimeter I have this, because of my appearance, there are some problems. Often the parents are against the affair, they don’t want to see in your family a girl with an African appearance”.

      She had several unsuccessful attempts to make love, while in December 2013 Evgeny Rudnev did not declare themselves a couple. The girl loved the mom of the young man, but the project participants initially doubted the sincerity of her feelings. But in February the Rudnev came to the beloved parents and asked for her hand.

      The participants of the show noted how things have changed Liberi in all previous relationships, she did not show herself as a powerful woman. Rudnev became her favorite target – she humiliated him, reproached with inconsistency, said he earns little and cannot contain. Eugene is also kind of shows his male character. One day he knocked the door after his friend lady appeared in their room without knocking.

      In spite of everything the couple still came to the Registrar’s office – 12 Dec 2014 Liberg Kadono and Eugene Rudnev became husband and wife. Young celebrated the holiday in a cafe in city apartments. But barely a couple of weeks, as the couple began to quarrel. First, because of the unwillingness of Liberi to change the name, then for a jewelry store “Liberia”, which gave young parents Kadono. Mulatto not only refused to do, believing her an equal owner, but wouldn’t trust him with the management of the business. Then began a controversy because of the unwillingness of Liberi to help her husband get out of debt.

      When Rudnev lost his nerve, he stated that he did not want to be a free application to the business lady. Myself Kadono agreed with the decision of her husband. For the first time about divorce Eugene spoke through a month and a half after the wedding. Liberg, regretted not listening to parents, and became his wife.

      В пух и прах: чем заканчивались самые скандальные расставания в «Доме-2»They divorced six months later after the wedding – June 16, 2015. “Marriage has been terminated! I am now officially residenace! P. S All the present sincere love!” happily wrote Liberi in Instagram.

      A year after the divorce, Lyberg continues to do business. Judging by her social media she’s still single, and recently applied to the casting in the show Comedy Woman. Eugene radically changed his appearance, becoming a real Jock, and found happiness in the face of a pretty blonde named Elena. Evgeny Rudnev found love after divorce


      Were together just over a year. The relationship soured the behavior of the chief officer of the “House-2”.

      В пух и прах: чем заканчивались самые скандальные расставания в «Доме-2»

      Victoria romanet went on a reality show 19 September 2014. Beauty has taken a liking to Bogdan Lenchuk, and she wasn’t embarrassed that he was paired with Marina Africanoboi. But it didn’t work out. The new party immediately began to groom the main Lothario of the project Andrey Cherkasov. Soon they declared themselves a couple and checked into a private room. But a month later they had to change their place of residence in November along with other members, they went to the Seychelles.

      The couple was so harmonious that many of the participants and fans of the show decided – there was the one that you can get around the eternal bachelor. Soon, however, everything has changed – Cherkasov and romanet in the number of quarrels and passions can overshadow even a family Agibalova-Kusinich.

      One of the first reasons for the conflict was the rumor that before the project, the Vic allegedly engaged in escort services. Cherkasov in debt does not remain, continued to communicate with former lover Anna Kruchinina and didn’t want to get her in a room in the “black list”, which is very angered romanet.

      In Moscow, the conflict flared up with new force. For example, once Victoria took the phone Andrew. He literally flipped out – raised his hand to his beloved, then threw her to the floor and started screaming. From the next room came Ella Sukhanova, and Igor Tregubenko – they protected the girl and tried to calm Andrew.

      BEC I’m sorry, ” Cherkasov later tried to rectify the situation. I’ll pick things up quietly to sleep there. But when a woman climbs on a man with his fists, she fists and gets.

      – I did not touch you… You beat me retorted romanet.

      – It was just a slap in the face, ” continued Andrew.

      But they were in the same bed. Again cursing, abusive both cried on Calvary, and it would happen again. The couple was planning a wedding, and they willingly shared details of the upcoming celebration… But still at the beginning of December 2015 Victoria and Andrew realized that they were ready to end this relationship. First the reasons of rupture of spoke Cherkasov.

      В пух и прах: чем заканчивались самые скандальные расставания в «Доме-2»“I tried to explain to her that you don’t need to talk to me in a raised voice, no need to humiliate me, to show my arrogance. All this time, she promised that she will change, that will otherwise behave, but nothing happened. I understand that she has a temper, is education. And despite the fact that we love each other, I see no reason to continue the relationship, which came to nothing lead. In this respect, neither of which the wedding could not go and speeches! Looking at many guys who get married and then quickly divorced, I do not want to. What’s next, I don’t know… Now both of us hard.”

      A few months later, when romanet left the project, Cherkasov did not regret his decision. “Vic, the star of my life, this show,” he said in an interview, – It was a bright, passionate, reckless relationship, just like Victoria herself. I wish her only good luck and success. My anger was associated with only one – when she dared to fight with me and haunted. When I leave for the weekend and she says she opened my mail and found something, naturally, I sent her three letters and say that I’m gonna rip her head is a perfectly normal reaction”.

      Now the magazine is trying to build a relationship with another girl is Stella Moneypool. Together they published in the contest “Miss Russia”. And recently, she became a member of the project “Dom-2”. “Stellochka I have a very modest. Not drinking, not Smoking, everything is real, does not swear obscenities. Everything I wanted, everything I was looking for.

      Victoria romanet lives for pleasure – sports, travels, participates in photo shoots, recording songs and basks in the attention of men.


      Was married, have been tested human lie detector.

      В пух и прах: чем заканчивались самые скандальные расставания в «Доме-2»

      Wenceslas appeared on 3 January 2009. Said that he was “white” magician, and he plans to win the heart of Nadezhda Ermakova. But no charms of she succumbed. After a series of failed relationships in the winter of 2011 in his life came Ekaterina Tokareva. And already on December 24, they were married.

      A celebration frikovaya the pair were in fancy gold outfits. Honeymoon Kate and Wentz held at the home of the bride in Rostov. On clearing both came back dissatisfied. Their main problem was the differences in financial matters. Venceslau had to “buy” the love of his wife, because after each quarrel Kate asked for an expensive gift and allegedly deliberately provoke him to the conflict. It was required from him of personal development.

      The scandalous “old “House-2”: why do they go back to the project?

      Within a month the first time they talked about divorce. Venceslava said that his wife is supposedly cheating. He decided to check it on the lie detector. Kate agreed quickly. The study confirmed that loyalty to her husband she didn’t keep that shocked the abodes of telestroke. She Tokarev convinced everyone that it was a mistake and went to an independent specialist. It turned out that the first polygraph test was actually conducted with some violations. Later, the couple accused of leading the project in the fraud.

      But the quarrel did not end there – now Wentz reproached Katya that she’s arguing with him just for ratings, and family life, it does not need. June 14, they filed for divorce. With the decision of the wife to end the relationship Wenceslas to put up with not wanted, so Kate had to come to the registry office early and pick up the divorce certificate.

      В пух и прах: чем заканчивались самые скандальные расставания в «Доме-2»“Go to my normal guys? And if I can build a new relationship on the project have already taken place after the divorce? – Tokarev commented on the incident. – I went to the registry office and confirmed the divorce! Now. The crowns are no more! Alexey Samsonov and Wentz tied me up in the carpet. And to escape, I had to say about testimony. They went and took it. Samsonov called upon the Crown to tear the paper!”

      Outside the perimeter, Catherine married another project participant Yuri Slobodyan, became a mother. At the moment, the former star of the reality show work of the Lawyer chamber of the Rostov region and raising the child. And Wenceslas still can’t build your love.

      Victoria Karasev and Roman Proskurov

      Were together for more than two years, had fought and passionately reconciled.

      В пух и прах: чем заканчивались самые скандальные расставания в «Доме-2»

      Victoria Karasev was considered one of the most controversial participants of the project. Enviable bride was among the contestants at the international festivals of singing, studied Opera singing at the Institute of music, and later graduated from GITIS, worked at radio “Europe +”. But for full happiness it is not enough for a life partner – it and had to look at the TV project “Dom-2” in September 2005.

      Originally Karasev to have taken a liking to Andrew Chuev and tried to conquer it. But the man was completely indifferent. At a certain point in the project came novel Proskurov, a rapper from Moldova. He immediately announced his intentions and began to make tori, affectionately called female friends telestroke.

      Already a week later, Victoria and Roman lived in a separate house. Therefore, the project formed the most noisy and constantly find out the relationship element of society. Proskurov wrote songs for her, called her “sexy lady tori, they parted and came together again countless times.

      The fight could begin, for example, because of tori’s girlfriends who came to the house couple to help her hang the curtains. Ruslana didn’t like it, and he tried to make them out. Victoria stood up for her friends, but eventually got to her.

      – Ruslan, what do you absolutely or what? I was thrown on the bed! One more time I will throw – I’m gonna sue you!

      – Well, come on! – said Proskuryakov and continued.

      – Get your hands off her, and don’t use violence to me… once your finger touches me, I don’t know what will!

      – Will do – then we will see.

      After these words from Prokuratova Karaseva dragged the other cast members. During these fights there were legs, arms, furniture… But after violent quarrels came the romantic reconciliation.

      One day they quarreled, so that then not talked for a long time. But in the end still agreed. “We had to leave in order to understand that we were made for each other,” tori explained in an interview.

      В пух и прах: чем заканчивались самые скандальные расставания в «Доме-2»“Sometimes you have to lose my beloved to understand how dear she is to you,” added Ruslan. — During this time the feelings have not gone away. We were born to live together. Before we needed one – we didn’t compromise. I remember how often the tories were forced to suffer. I feel uneasy when I remember how she cried. Now I will try to do the tories really happy.”

      Has reached that in February 2008 they decided to legitimize the relationship and even filed an application to the Registrar. “When we started to live in a Moscow apartment, I realized that Victoria is not only a gorgeous woman, a beautiful mistress, but also a great hostess. Victoria is the best woman I have ever had ever,” then said Proskurov.

      But Karasev insisted on a prenup. So Ruslan had no claim on her Moscow apartment, and she was in his orchard, and fifty acres of land in Moldova. “In the near future I’m going to buy another. Because a man without land is no man” – said Ruslan.

      After visiting the notary lovers traditionally quarreled. The cause of the quarrel was a financial issue. The services of a lawyer cost 9000 rubles. Paid Karasev, the groom refused, citing the fact that the contract was necessary to her, not him.

      On 28 April for registration to the Registrar, they also did not go. Tori and Ruslan broke up after the next fight.

      Nadezhda Ermakova and Alexander Gobozov

      ‘ve been together for over two years, refused to be his wife.

      В пух и прах: чем заканчивались самые скандальные расставания в «Доме-2»

      She appeared in a Clearing in a wedding dress on 25 April 2007, showed sympathy towards the Rustam Solntsev, but he was completely indifferent. But Hope in the two accounts made me lose Alexander Gobozova. He showered her with flowers and gifts, Declaration of love for her stopped drinking and Smoking, arranged a romantic date and even introduced with their parents.

      They had a great relationship, and nobody doubted the sincerity of the feelings of both. But when Gobozov realized that this was the one with which he wants to be your whole life, then made her an offer of marriage. Nadia replied with a categorical refusal. Explaining that in the first place her own ambitions and career, not family and children. Moreover, she managed to say that Alexander is not satisfied with her in bed. To prove the opposite Gobozov began to actively change Ermakova. Hope was sure that you will receive a second chance offer. But this did not happen, and after some time they broke up.

      Nadezhda Ermakova bared Breasts after plastic surgery

      Hope was able to realize their career ambitions – she became chief editor of “Dom-2”, and then the casting Director of the project. For more than a year, she meets with a young man named Artyom. Alexander Gobozov has built a family with Allianoi Ustinenko. The couple has a son Robert.

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