To the nines: Valeria Gai Germanicus was criticized for enlarged lips

В пух и прах: Валерию Гай Германику раскритиковали за увеличенные губы
Fans was unhappy with the changes in appearance of the Director.

В пух и прах: Валерию Гай Германику раскритиковали за увеличенные губы

Valeria Gai Germanika faced with misunderstanding from their own fans. It happened due to the fact that it was published in the microblog picture, which showed subscribers the unusually large lips. Shortly after the publication there was an assumption that Valeria had been in the beautician, where I made a small modification to your image.

Fans is not a joke, “raged” in the comments under the posted photo with the “new lips”. In their opinion, Valeria is now disturbed the harmonious proportions of the face. “Why??? Before you were beautiful!”, “Something as something is not right…”, “You, too, sat on needle gubasta?” — wrote the Director. However, it is possible that Valeria just messing with his fans, and the effect of “larger lips” was achieved through good makeup and a good angle.

On the days Valeria was the premiere of the touching short film— “a Film about love, filmed by dogs.” This time Gaius Germanicus departed from her usual flamboyant mannerisms shots and created seven incredibly sweet stories of love and devotion. Incidentally, Valery worked on the project not only as Director but also as screenwriter. The theme related to the life of dogs, very close to the star of the national cinema. In its first education she is a dog handler and breeder-livestock expert.