To the memory of Dmitri Maryanov the main facts of his life

Памяти Дмитрия Марьянова — главные факты из жизни актера
It became known where and when will farewell to the actor.

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The tragic death of Dmitry Marjanova found response in the hearts of thousands of people. His family, relatives and fans of hard early and sudden departure of actor. Eve began to appear contradictory information about what exactly happened on 15 October: at first it was reported that 47-year-old Maryanov died in the ambulance before he could get to the hospital, after informed that “fast” is not left due to the large number of calls — it is said to have brought friends by car, and now this version has questioned…

Dmitry Maryanov died at 47 years

We only know the cause of death Maryanova — thromboembolism (actor died from a detached thrombus). Other circumstances of the incident will find out to law enforcement.

Farewell to Dmitry will be held tomorrow 18th of October at the cinema House. A buried idol of spectators in the Khimki cemetery. offers to honor the memory of Marianov and watch the video, which includes the most interesting moment in the life of the departed artist.