To the family of Elizabeth II — replenishment

В семействе Елизаветы II — пополнение
The Queen could not resist the temptation…

Elizabeth II

Photo: PA Images/TASS

that Queen Elizabeth loves dogs and horses has long been known. And their
the dogs of breed “Corgi” she loves so much that he considers members of his family. And
the weakness of Elizabeth to these dogs has led to the fact that recently she has broken her
own word.

years ago the Queen was forced to take this difficult decision — more
not to add to their flock of corgis. After all, the Queen
it was at that time already more than 88
and she involuntarily thought about what will happen to her Pets when she
leave this world…

when one of her confidants, and her friend bill Fenwick inspector hunting
land, fell ill, the Queen has taken the trouble to walk his dog, Corgi on
the name Whisper. She continued to do it
after his death, which occurred last fall. And recently, Elizabeth
said, she took to Whisper that simply can not with him
to leave. In the end, the Queen could not resist, and forgetting about the earlier promise given to her, asked
relatives Fanaika permission to take her beloved dog in their “family”…

Recall: the Corgi Queen keeps most of my life. The first dog
this breed is named Dookie gave her more of her father George VI, when Elizabeth was only seven years old. In
last year the Queen decided to make a photo for memory: she posed with whole
his flock of Corgi’s famous photographer Annie Leibovitz. At that
the time she had 4 dogs: three corgis and another dorgu — breed with a breed
daschund. Since then, one of the favorites of Elizabeth died. And she, in accordance with
the decision taken earlier was not going to refill your pack. But now,
yielding to his weakness, the Queen restored the number of their “family”.