To the British Royal family becomes ripe scandal.

В британском королевском семействе назревает скандал!
Elizabeth II unhappy Duchess Catherine.

В британском королевском семействе назревает скандал!

Elizabeth II


Duchess Catherine with children


The differences between the current reigning Queen and wife of her grandson — Prince William began to accumulate for a long time. But
relations between Elizabeth and Duchess Catherine have become particularly
tense. The fact that the Queen, farther away, the less like
Kate is raising her great-grandchildren. This information, received from close to
koroleskaya the yard of the sources appeared on the website

The problem is that Elizabeth, according to the informant of the site, it is not like that little George
and Charlotte occupying the number three and four in line to the throne, get
absolutely unroyal education.

Katherine from the very beginning did not hide their children from the public. She is constantly
invited to his home in Anmore located in Sandringham, where, until recently
the time she lived with Superga and children, buddies George, including
of the ordinary families. The young Prince had the opportunity to make friends with them because
I went to kindergarten, where although engaged in with children at a special
the pilot program, however, took children from very diverse backgrounds
companies. And coming to London, Catherine often took George and Charlotte
available in the public parks, where the children chose their playmates. Though
for them, of course, from afar, watched the security guards assigned as
it should be, the heirs to the throne.

Say, a particularly strong impression
on Elizabeth made the case when Catherine, on the way from Sandringham in London
fed George … in a roadside cafe! Not too happy about Elizabeth and what
the Prince and Princess spend a lot of time in society parents Katherine – persons is
not of Royal blood. And the second grandfather of George and Charlotte — Prince Charles strongly isolated from
grandchildren. The last straw that broke the patience of the Queen, according to
the informant became the fact that
George identified the wrong school recommended by Elizabeth.

It was about the school located not far from
Kensington of divorce where Catherine and her husband and children moved from
Sandringham this fall. Here
he studied at the time, little Harry and William. However, at the urging of Kate,
George identified a completely different school that is much further away
Palace and known for its democratic traditions. They say the Queen
hoped that her grandson and his wife will change their decision. But her
expectations were not met. Moreover, William to remain
neutral, now openly sided with the wife. He said that he was going
to educate their children so how would his mother, Princess Diana,
which, as we know, did not get along with the Queen.

The end of this story, it’s unclear. Apparently, you can expect
at least, a serious cooling of relations with Elizabeth, Catherine and her husband.
But, according to rumors, the Queen wanted before to after the crown went to
exactly William…