To tears: the number of “Voices” that made the whole room cry

До слез: номер «Голоса», который заставил рыдать весь зал

After watching today’s release no one was indifferent, cried the whole country.

This Friday in the First channel held a regular battles. One of the mentors of the show, Dima began to stir up interest in the release of even a couple of days, writing in social networks that viewers are waiting for wonderful music and pleasant surprises. Bilan did not lie.

The room in a pair showed Vladi Bleiberg and Tornike Quotation made the mentors of the project to weep.

Bleiberg chose for performances of the song “Pray for parents”, because this song it insanely close. Before to move to Moscow Vladi lived at Home in Israel. He never knew his biological father and has many years of desperately looking for him…

From Tornike Quitation own drama – he lost his father at an early age. That’s why for each of them this song is more than just music and words, it is the pain that comes from within.

Therefore, the participants were breath before each sentence, trying not to burst out crying directly during the performance. And the last line look already, holding back with all his strength.

Mentors also gave vent to their emotions. First cried Polina Gagarina, followed her with tears in the eyes of the parents began to recall Leps, Agutin, Bilan then. In the end I could not stand the Dmitry Nagiev and told how a year ago, half an hour before the live broadcast of “the Voice” called him brother, and announced the death of the mother. Because to cancel the show was not possible, he had to lead the program, to joke, although the forces did not have any.

By the way, today’s shooting “the Voice” after the speech Nagiyev had to interrupt it to be able to come to your senses. Revelation of Dmitry on the air do not fall, they remained behind the scenes.