To start: learn to run with pleasure and benefit

На старт: учимся бегать с удовольствием и пользой “StarHit”, along with an expert Olga ilina parse error beginners. In order to not only stay healthy but also to benefit from training, you need to consider a number of moments and to comply with many rules.

      На старт: учимся бегать с удовольствием и пользой

      Running is now a trend. People go to training, preparing for races, compete against each other by miles in mobile apps, posting social media photos of their distances. Of course, that’s fine – a massive passion for the sport can not but rejoice. However, due to the mindless following of fashion happen injuries that novice runners get from ignorance. Sports physician, co-founder of the club SelfMamaRun and charity runner Olga Ilyina told about the most common mistakes of Amateur athletes.

      How to begin running?

      A short running may be a good cardiopatici before power training. However, if we are talking about a full treadmill workout, you should take into account many circumstances. The basic principles of all sports training:regularity, orderly movement from the simple to the more complex balance of physical activity, the construction of the training program taking into account characteristics of the organism, the alternation of exercise and workout options.

      Inattention to any of the principles will inevitably lead to lack of progress and injury. Do not just strive for lofty goals in the race you can not put short-term tasks. All should be gradually. Want to run a marathon? Great! But we must be prepared to train regularly (not once a week to go for a run). Need to assess the real resources of the organism, but at first better to do with trainers – not only do they just answer all your questions, but will tell you what intensity you need to run. At first glance it’s simple: put on sneakers, went outside, turned the music on and ran. But not from a relaxed state to immediately hightail. People who plan to go Jogging, you first need to know what workout.


      На старт: учимся бегать с удовольствием и пользой

      This is a smooth entrance in the training process. In warm time of year before the main jog to get a light cardiovascu – run 500-800 meters. In the winter before going on a run should loosen up a bit at home, to warm up the muscles. Do stretching for 15-20 minutes. When the temperature in the muscles increases, they become more flexible and, as a consequence, decreases the risk of injury. It is also important hitch – exercises after the main workout.


      It makes no sense to talk about a fixed amount of training for each individually: someone could easily run four times a week, someone two. On average, it makes sense to run at least three times a week. Daily running is not encouraged. The body must be a period of rest because recovery is an integral and very important part of the training.

      The results of numerous studies (both domestic and foreign) say that there is no fundamental difference in what time of day to run. Importantly, the body was ready for the upcoming load are not exhausted. It is wrong to run after work tired and exhausted both physically and emotionally. However, it makes no sense to run and not at the crack of dawn, if you feel that the training is not going.


      I strongly suggest to run on an empty stomach. Even if marathon is still far away and yet you are going on a usual morning practice, drink some water or tea and don’t forget about carbohydrates – for example, perfect porridge or a banana. Of course, it is not necessary to run after a hearty meal. Wait a couple of hours, otherwise be prepared for a pain in my side.

      As for eating after a workout, here again you should speak about the individual features. Someone does not want to eat. And for those who come hungry after school, it is necessary to remember about such a nice bonus, as the “carbohydrate window”. It is believed that within 40 minutes after intense exercise you can eat anything to replenish energy.


      На старт: учимся бегать с удовольствием и пользой

      Failure to comply with at least one of the tenets of the sport can lead to injuries. This disruption of balance training (high intensity, a sharp increase of the load, excessively long distances) is the main cause of injury. Fatigue accompanied by muscle fatigue and overexertion of the tendons. How to understand that this is not just a muscle strain? If the pain is asymmetric, if it is sharp, is accompanied by a (sometimes) swelling, redness and persists for three days is injury. And you need to immediately turn to the sports doctor. And defects in the structure of the foot, inadequate physical preparation, unsuitable footwear can also cause injury.

      Important running technique, but it should be noted that there is no one correct technique for everyone, there is only a General recommendation: you can alternate running with a step, but don’t stop.


      To balance your workouts and protect you from injury will help the “10 percent rule”: the load – distance, speed and duration of workout should not increase by more than 10% per week.

      Despite the fact that trauma and prolonged discomfort, you need to see a doctor, you need to be able to provide first aid. It is necessary to remember a simple acronym – BUG (compression, ice, rest, elevated foot position for a natural flow of lymph). Banned hot baths, rubbing and warming creams.

      Of course, not always possible to immediately attach to the injured spot ice. Therefore, in order to quickly relieve pain with bruises, take her means of external use, which is composed of natural Arnica.

      Pay attention not only to how but also where you’re running. You should not start to run from the mountain – when climbing a very big load on the feet, and the descent on the knees and shins. Beginners are not recommended for asphalt and concrete surfaces.

      Correctly select the shoes based on individual characteristics. Pronation, supination, flat feet – there are many factors that play a significant role. So here again is important to consult a specialist. To pass a certain test can be in the shops for running. Competent consultants will help with the choice of model of sneakers.