To Roman Arkhipov, was attacked in Central Moscow

На Романа Архипова напали в центре Москвы
The ex-soloist of group “Chelsea” the novel Arhipov upset fans, saying about the incident with the other incident.

На Романа Архипова напали в центре Москвы

Night in the center of Moscow for him and his friends was attacked by unknown. Roman admits that the reasons for fighting there was no.

На Романа Архипова напали в центре Москвы

“Four young men made the attack on us for no apparent reason. I and two of my friends physically hurt. The police arrived on the scene in 15 minutes, and law enforcement officers in good faith help us find the perpetrators, but to no avail. The worst thing is that in this area of Moscow at night works only two patrolmen, but nearby there are many clubs and pubs,” said Arkhipov.

It later emerged that attacked the young men, Russian boys, and one was even discovered the knife.

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