Открылась правда о погибшей дочери Эвелины Блёданс
After 26 years, the actress found the heir apparent.

Evelina Bledans, Anna Popova, Andrey Malakhov, Yuri Stytskovsky

Evelina Bledans after 26 years has uncovered a terrible
the truth. Turns out she gave birth to a baby
and lost it when the baby was only
only a few days old. According to
the actress, being married to the Director
Yuri Stytskovsky she was born the second
child. The girl lived only
a few days and died. About it
celebrity told midwife.
However, Evelyn didn’t see it.

On the eve of
some Anna Popova has declared herself the daughter
Evelina. Bledans decided to undergo genetic
expertise to understand the truth if
says Anna or not. In the Studio program
“Live” with Andrey Malakhov Anna
arrived from Tomsk. On the set in addition to
Bledans present and potential
the child’s father Yuri Stytskovsky. “You, in any way, babe,
you’re cool, said Evelyn Anne.
— Now we in all will understand. Me too
hard because suddenly you’re not my daughter?”

“Don’t feel Evelina
to me a stranger, — said
Popov. I could be wrong, but somehow
heart tells me that I’m not mistaken.
When I graduated from the orphanage,
one employee admitted that
the case of those who appear in my documents
it’s not my parents, and my mom —
this Evelina Bledans”. Apparently, over
girl evil joke, as genetic
test with one hundred percent probability
showed that neither Evelyn nor Yuri did not
are biological parents