Узнать трудно, но можно: Кристина Бабушкина кардинально изменила имидж
The actress showed a hairstyle “under the boy”.

Spring is coming?

A post shared by Kristina Babushkina (@tishababushkina) on Mar 1, 2018 at 3:45am PST

Recently on TV premiere of historical series “Bloody lady” and Christine’s Grandmother in the role of Avdotya. The audience, conquered by her, went to her personal microblog and “opened their mouths” in surprise. Fresh photos Christina almost unrecognizable. She has published online a series of photographs, which appeared in the form of a fatal brunette with a hairstyle “under the boy”.

New image of the Grandmother has been widely discussed by users of social networks. All, without exception, like the change in appearance of the actress. “Wow! This is so beautiful”, “This is the bomb! Shook full! In my opinion delighted all who had the happiness to witness!”, “As You all it is!”, “I did not recognize. Absolutely! Cool! Very much!”, “Very nice haircut! A completely different image! Class!”, “Oh, what a stylish way! So impressive! I personally really like the way you look here!”, “Didn’t even recognize. The first thought that makes Ponarovskaya on your page! Very beautiful!” write the fans of Christina.

Kristina Babushkina and Pavel Vashchilin

Photo: @Instagram tishababushkina Kristina Babushkina

Kristina until the new way has not commented on. It is not excluded that grandma for customization have used a wig. Even so, fans believe that the actress should stay in this image for some time, as it looks very organic.

Recall that last summer, in your personal life Christine has also been major changes. The movie and theatre actress, married for the second time. Beloved Grandmother became an employee of the power company Andrey. It is no coincidence that she chose a life partner of a man is not a creative profession. Earlier, she had not the best experience of family life with Stanislav by Doinikova, with whom she had daughter Ustinya.