To know where Pippa Middleton with her husband will spend their honeymoon

Стало известно, где Пиппа Миддлтон с супругом проведут медовый месяц
The newlyweds chose to stay in the Atoll of Marlon Brando.

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews


Wedding Pippa Middleton, younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, which last
Saturday was the lawful wife of James Matthews, was surrounded by an atmosphere
secrecy. The bride and her parents made sure that none of
outsiders did not prevent the wedding celebration. None of the members of the press not
was allowed neither in the Church of St. Mark, where was her wedding, neither
a wedding Banquet. So all photos were taken on the way to the temple. Even
guests invited to a wedding Banquet, at the entrance to the estate
parents had to call a special secret password.

surprisingly, the place where the happy couple was supposed to go in
your honeymoon, too, was kept secret. But reporters still managed
scout, where he decided to go Pippa and James. According to the correspondent
the online publication Daily Mail, the newlyweds chose for their vacation secluded
the Tetiaroa Atoll, part of the archipelago of the Islands of French Polynesia.

This island, located 30 miles North from
Tahiti is also interesting the fact that he once belonged to Marlon Brando.
Great actor his space in 1960-m to year, and after his death, Tetiaroa was
resold, and here staged a luxury resort for the rich. Every night
in one of the 50 luxury villas,
located on the sea shore,
will cost not less than 3 thousand pounds. And the rest of the best
of them is even more expensive. But there is almost certainly no one hurt
calm Pippa and James Matthews, who will be able to enjoy
their happiness. And the sum which the bridegroom will have to pay for the time spent
in this Paradise, he doesn’t care. After all, according to reports,
as the wife of Pippa exceeds
billion pounds.