To know the direct phone number of God

Узнать прямой телефон Бога With George by Velikanova I was not familiar. But he became one of my most loved ones…
Узнать прямой телефон Бога

A few months ago, 35-year-old chorister in the Moscow temple of George the Giants returned home from service. On the platform Krasnogorskaya he saw that on the railroad tracks lies a drunken bum. Do not hesitate for a minute, George jumped onto the tracks before an approaching train, pushed the bum, but he died… “How can you give your life for a lousy drunk?!”, “This man committed Christian heroism!” The Internet is buzzing still.

“That bum, that the Patriarch was for him all are equal,” says the wife of George Natalia. “Helping people was the main point of his existence!” – according to friends. The funeral Velikanova met all of Prikhod khrama vsemilostivogo Spasa in Mitino, and each told who was their singing. I want to give a word to George. He thought a lot about compassion, love, about us – our neighbors, but as far…

Узнать прямой телефон Бога

• “New year, new chance, new trial, new life… If it was my last year, what would I do in it? Last day? Last minute? Some internal finishes, and understand the many many people I was a debtor, debtor mutual love. I got it, but didn’t. Passed. Did not notice…”

“I want to go in the coming year updated. Want to shake off all unnecessary, redundant, empty. All that is not True in my relationships with people, with yourself, with God. I want to face your fears, animals, saratovska in me, the darkness, to see it and turn the face to the one Who can dispel the darkness, but waiting for my call…”
Узнать прямой телефон Бога

• “I go to take a SIP of LIFE. I should be there, wrote George on his visits to the boarding school, removing the words “life” and “need” in capital letters. – Do you want my heart, my attitude, my hands. There everyone looks at you as if and asks: “And you, you’re going to be friends with me?” And I, a strange man, the world doesn’t need, go to the same unnecessary and useless people, and find there peace of mind”.

Узнать прямой телефон Бога• “Sometimes I wish God had a direct phone or even mail, for which you could write to Him anytime of the day or night: “Hello, God. I have a problem. Help”. “God, I’m lonely. I feel so bad. Do something about it”. Or, when you call, just shut up. He understands silence…”
Узнать прямой телефон Бога

• And again: “God needs cats. God wants a broken cat. Died under the wheels of cars on fast roads in a cruel, unjust world. World in which there is no mercy for the girls on the streets, in which raped children and crushed the cats on the roads. And they wait – those children who were raped, these boys alone staring out the window, little boys and girls, uncles and aunts. And cats on the roads. So you go up to him, sit beside Pat on the head. Give all the warmth of your wounded heart. Let the pain gets any love. Let our pain to connect – heart to heart. Even if He Is Great Uncle is in heaven beautiful, of course, and strong – all will absorb. Every one of the boys, girls, the elderly, the mentally retarded, men and women, which no one expects thrown into the street babies. Crushed and cats – every one of them. Because he can hold”.

On the last video, where a smiling George appeals to friends, he places his hand on his heart: “Cherish life. Here is life! Just the same one that’s in here. Only she is important…”