К черту белье! Кайли Дженнер вышла в свет без трусов и лифчика

The youngest of the family Kardashian-Jenner celebrated her 19th birthday on a large scale and boldly. At a party in his honor, Kylie appeared almost naked.

Kylie Jenner always wanted to be like her older half-sister Kim Kardashian. Over the last couple years she has turned from a clumsy teenager into a real sex bomb. But I think the desire Kylie all like Kim played with it a cruel joke. At the party in honor of her 19th birthday, she appeared in the extremely candid toilet that even a Kardashian could seem too daring!

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Despite his passion for public nudity, Kim Kardashian has always tried to keep myself under control. Yes, she could easily go out in a dress made of mesh and “forget” to wear bra. But even “naked” outfits always look on Kim quite gracefully. But Kylie Jenner clearly went too far in his quest to be like a sister.

At a party in West Hollywood a girl came in guipure tight jumpsuit, which she wore without any underwear. During clashes with paparazzi Kylie suddenly realized the frankness of his toilet and tried to cover his nakedness with his hands. However, photographers still managed to capture the “most important thing”.

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