To get to “the Voice”: why stars come on the project

Попасть в «Голос»: зачем звезды приходят на проект Maxim Galkin, Catherine Gordon, Irina Klimova and other artists pursue their goals, leaving on the main music stage of the country. Despite national recognition, celebrity is still a challenge to fate in the show “the Voice.

      In the midst of the first stage of the new season of the show “the Voice.” The blind auditions is presented to the audience great surprises. The jury no less surprised to see konkursantov when their chairs turned around to the stage. The flow of talented vocalists not dried up, although the project is already five years old.

      However, among the nuggets and is widely known in narrow circles of singers try their hand are also popular favorites. Many viewers wonder what leads the project held the stars? Sometimes the artists do answer this tricky question.

      Maxim Galkin

      Famous showman and parodist Maxim Galkin shocked the audience and judges. The artist has chosen for the blind auditions of the difficult passage from the Opera of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “the Magic flute”, which is sung by three singers – two men and a woman. Galkin sang bass, tenor and soprano at the same time, also in German language. Until Maxim to repeat a similar experience in the project could not be anyone. The showman left in the draft, but his performance became a decoration show.

      “Well to tell us about yourself? – said Maxim Galkin, when his room was completed. – I’m from the suburbs, from the village, my wife also sings. She sent me to the show “the Voice.”

      Alexander Gordon

      Alexander Gordon, probably could have stayed in the project, as well as Maxim Galkin, but he had no choice. The presenter turned to one of the jury members. What was the surprise Gagarina, Leps, Agutin and Bilan, when in the end they saw the song In The Death Car. Nobody expected Alexander to do this expression.

      Meanwhile, Gordon admitted that he once dreamt of becoming a singer in the restaurant. He also noticed that age could sit in one of the armchairs mentors. By the way, in one of the seasons of the show took to the stage colleague Alexander Ivan Urgant, who also failed to win the sympathy of mentors.

      Daria “Nookie” Stavrovich

      Darius Stavrovich impressed the jury of the show “the Voice” in the chair of his incredible energy and powerful vocals. The rock star was forced to turn all four mentors, but chose in the end, Grigory Leps. The actress is known to audiences for his work in alternative band “Slot” in the project “Nuka”.

      Daria “nookie” Stavrovich: “I had one goal – to ensure Leps turned”

      “I had only one goal – to Leps turned, I didn’t – frankly said “StarHit” Darius. All day the coaches listened to vanilla, cloying songs, afraid that even his song I will not Wake up!”

      Irina Klimova

      The star of “the Petersburg secrets” and “Streets of the broken lanterns” Irina Klimova surprised the jury and the audience, on the stage of “the Voice”. Actress of theatre and cinema performed the song “There’s me”, written by the founder of the group “Moral code” Pavel Jaguna, sung by Sevara in the first season of the show “the Voice.”

      The coaches decided not to take Irina to the next stage of the show, confused during a song. However, Klimov was satisfied with his performance, especially after the warmth of her took the audience in the hall.

      Catherine Gordon

      Journalist, anchorwoman and lawyer Kate Gordon did not hide the fact that he was on “the Voice” almost by accident. The star admitted that the popular music project is her chance to declare itself to the whole country. Because not many people know that Catherine is the author of many songs performed by other Russian stars. According to the journalist, she wandered the corridors “Ostankino” and accidentally found out that there is a casting in the project.

      For the blind auditions, the Gordon chose their own song “Take Paradise”. Her voice was fascinated by Dima Bilan, who turned the very first chords. Other jury members were also pleased to see Katya in the project.