Успеть за 24 часа: как привести себя в порядок перед выходом в свет

On September 17 in Los Angeles will host the 70th Emmy award. It is no secret that the appearance on the red carpet stars are prepared very carefully. Stylists carefully studying the latest trends and pick up outfits, make-up artists compose their masterpieces, and hairdressers conjure with hair, celebrities, to in life, they looked no worse than a shampoo. But perhaps the main responsibility for a brilliant way celebrity resting on the shoulders of their beauticians. We have collected the top tips of both Western and domestic beauty experts that will help you prepare for an important publication.


Kate Winslet before an important event definitely peeks in the office to my favorite beautician Tracy Martin. It uses an exclusive machine Resculptor, which stimulates the skin by means of electrodes, reducing wrinkles and double chin. The expert doing the procedure first on one side of the face so the client could see the effect.
After this procedure the skin is tightened like you spent two weeks in a Spa in Thailand, — says the actress.

Doctors dermacosmetology Olga and Tatiana Shishkova also recommend microcurrent lymphatic drainage. It frees the tissues from excess fluid, thereby disappear dark circles under the eyes and puffiness. The procedure lasts just 30 minutes.

Успеть за 24 часа: как привести себя в порядок перед выходом в свет
Kate Winslet

Similar effect and RF-lifting. During this care happens “Curling” of the collagen fibers, allowing the tissue volume is slightly reduced — this provides lift, reducing the depth of wrinkles. And with them, fresh-effect — skin looks more fresh and “cheerful.” It is also anti-age prevention, as wave action stimulates the division of cells that produce collagen and elastin.
The result is stored three to four days and has a cumulative effect — so if you continue the course and will do another 7-10 procedures, after the skin will look its best about six to eight months. Another option for those who have an important output for the public, — the procedure, the HydraFacial is a noninvasive vacuum cleaning using serums and lymphatic drainage effect, which refreshes the face, gives the skin a radiant look, says cosmetologist Beauty SPA by World Class Romanov Eugene Gray.

Успеть за 24 часа: как привести себя в порядок перед выходом в свет

If hardware procedures aesthetic you prefer, then come to the aid of “Imperial precious care” cosmetics Enhel with mask foam and fine hyaluronic acid, which penetrates deeper into the skin. The result — a shining face and not a hint of fatigue. Multi-stage procedure takes about 45 minutes if the time before the event quite a bit, it is possible to choose a collagen impregnation it at the beautician will take 30 minutes. During this care, a person under a film of collagen superimposed sheets impregnated with a special concentrate. The result of collegenotre — moisturizing, skin lightening, reduce inflammation, narrow pores.

To tune in

Beautician of Beverly hills Gina Marie says that her clients before the “Oscar” and other important events makes the course of four Exilis treatments (a mix of radioastronomia lipolysis and radio wave facelift, which stimulates the production of collagen and smoothes out wrinkles). The beauty of the celebrities are not stingy — in a short 20-minute session they pay $ 250. But no rehabilitation and pain relief (when the cosmetologist leads the unit’s face, you feel only a pleasant warmth, like sitting by the fire).

Discard the excess

Doctors dermacosmetology Olga and Tatiana Shishkova sure peeling RMP T33 will help you look like a million dollars in any situation. This is perhaps the fastest cosmetic procedure — it takes just 15 minutes and, of course, no post rehabilitation period. As promised by the specialists as soon as you come out of the study, the skin becomes taut, smooth and more elastic, and smaller and fine lines less pronounced.

Успеть за 24 часа: как привести себя в порядок перед выходом в свет

Hollywood care

In the clinic of antiaging “the Fifth element” to prepare for the release of a seriously propose a multi-stage program “Hollywood treatment”. First, the skin clear, using the drug Clensing complex, which is composed of natural ingredients: extracts of white willow bark and sugar cane. Then is applied to the face serum, Super Serum that increases collagen synthesis.

The main anti-aging ingredient of the preparation — Cooper Tripeptide growth factor, stimulating the growth of new skin cells. Anti-age properties of the drug increases 15 percentage vitamin C and herbal antioxidants. Then the best part — the skin applied blue toning mask. For better penetration of useful minerals you put LED – mask, almost like the “Iron man”. The third and final stage — the application of the serum with vitamins C, a and U, which protects against free radicals.

Успеть за 24 часа: как привести себя в порядок перед выходом в свет

A similar three-step procedure to offer in the “Clinic of modern cosmetology Yulia Scherbatova”. The first step — cleansing. The result gives only exfoliation (enzyme, enzyme or acid). Its action will reinforce the unit Jet Peel, which is so fond of Agnia Ditkovskite and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. He massages, visibly smoothes wrinkles, oxygenates the skin and improves lymphatic drainage.

The next step may be physical therapy, for example, phonophoresis or microcurrents. Best cosmetic completion of the complex mask. It will soothe and moisturize the skin.

In some rare cases for a more pronounced effect, I use the median peeling immediately after application of which the skin looks perfect, and peeling begin only on the second or third day after the procedure. It is also important to remember that some treatments (e.g. enzyme therapy, Danne Montague-King ) must be done in advance, before the day X, as they have a cumulative effect, and the results will be visible in less than 10-12 hours

says dermatologist, cosmetologist Yana Chernigov.

Lazer girl

This season in new York doctors Havana real excitement was caused by treatments using the PicoSure laser, which do not require rehabilitation. By the way, this is the first and only picosecond laser that is approved by the certification Department of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is certified in Russia.

It removes pigmentation, scars (including acne scars), stretch marks and wrinkles. And reduces enlarged pores and accelerates cell metabolism, that is rejuvenates. And the redness subsides after a session in just a few hours

— said the expert, who holds the star names of their clients secret (confidentiality is paramount).

Talia Sparrow, which is responsible for flawless skin Carey Mulligan and Kristen Wiig, recommends laser Lumecca:

You can be the most expensive dress in the world, but if the skin looks unkempt and greasy, all down the drain. Intense pulsed light (IPL) tightens pores, neutralize redness or make the skin tone uniform.

Diamond Fund

In the office of the aesthetician Gina Mari in Beverly hills Heidi Klum appears with an enviable regularity. They say the model makes the microdermabrasion literally from head to toe. This is a less traumatic procedure, which is a microdermabrasion tips with a diamond coating. The method is absolutely painless and safe, as it affects only the top layer of the epidermis.

Успеть за 24 часа: как привести себя в порядок перед выходом в свет

Body of proof

Some stars, especially those who like the “naked” dress, time before an important event to come, not only to the beautician, but also to the surgeon. And no, they don’t put implants.

A famous surgeon from Beverly hills Sheila Nazarian admits that this season in particular has increased demand stars for filler injections Sculptra:

Before the ceremonies, celebrity want to look perfect in couture dresses. The main component of Sculptra is are acid. Getting deep into the dermis, the drug provokes an accelerated synthesis of collagen, due to which compensated for the volume of missing soft tissue. The effect is visible immediately, but the result is short-lived. The cost of the procedure starts from six thousand and can reach up to $ 40,000 (depending on dosage).Dance while you are young

Always wondered how the stars that strode the red carpet on a 15-centimeter heels from Manolo Blahnik, manage night to dance at the afterparty and not to fall down? It turns out that the trick is that before the event they do hyaluronic acid injections in the foot.
Simply enter a little bit of Restylane or Perlane hyaluronic acid in the feet that will help reduce the pressure on your fingers and get rid of the edema that inevitably arise when wearing heels. The effect lasts up to five months, and to pay for all this fun will have at least $ 3,000,

— said Dr. Gabriel Chiu.

Успеть за 24 часа: как привести себя в порядок перед выходом в свет

From the sea foam

To get in shape and his own forces. Dietitian and Meyer-therapist (Meyer-therapy is the method of complex purification and healing of the body, invented in the middle of the last century by the Austrian physician Franz Mayer) Austrian health center Verba Mayr, Irina Popova advised to take a bath with sea salt and essential oils of rosemary and cedar. These components will withdraw excess fluid from the body, and will accelerate metabolism and will help to relieve muscle tension. Do not interfere, and detox wraps, seaweed or clay. They increase blood flow and activate the metabolism.

Успеть за 24 часа: как привести себя в порядок перед выходом в свет

The second step is the detox mask is clay-based. When the General intoxication of the body, the skin suffers the most, as it, among other negative factors, directly affects insolation, different types of radiation, dust, dry air and various pollutants and chemical contamination in the environment.

For oily skin use a mask of blue clay with a small addition of Apple cider vinegar diluted in cool water. Pink clay paired with warm milk, copes with the signs of aging skin, and green — perfect mattes and evens.