To be continued: Lady Gaga insulted Madonna

Продолжение следует: Леди Гага оскорбила Мадонну

“Mother of monsters” said that unlike another famous blonde writes her songs herself.

They are similar in many ways: love of the outrageous, leather shorts and botfortas, and even hair color, they have one: both blonde by nature! Maybe that’s why they each other do not love… Yeah, at war and in expressions do not hesitate. Recently Lady Gaga once again responded to his comparisons with the Queen of pop.

Продолжение следует: Леди Гага оскорбила Мадонну
Продолжение следует: Леди Гага оскорбила Мадонну

“Unlike her, I write my music and play many musical instruments. I spent hours hanging out in the Studio. I’m a producer, and writer. No one can replicate,” said 30-year-old singer.

Madonna the statements of the opponent is left without attention, while a year ago, shouted publicly that Gaga stole from her. They say that her song “Born This Way” – exact copy of the “Express Yourself” released by Madonna in 1989.

And in the TV show Saturday Night Live actress as if not grappled for words, but fists!

“That, Madonna, not on the beat?” – said the young singer. To which Madonna retorted: “looks Like your wig needs a fix badly” and grabbed Lady Gaga’s hair. However, attacks stars seem to have been carefully orchestrated. It then all ended with a conciliatory kiss.

But even more interesting that originally Madonna about Gaga was.

“In the work of a lot of links to my work, and that’s fine. It’s kind of funny and flattering, as is done very efficiently, once said Madonna. — I can’t be dissatisfied with it, it is obvious that she is under my influence.”