TNT will devote your holiday live Dmitry Nagiyev

ТНТ посвятит свой праздничный эфир Дмитрию Нагиеву
6 reasons to spend the November 6, along with TNT

Dmitriy Nagiev

Feb TNT will show all series of the fourth season of the TV series “the Teacher”! It
will be a gift to fans of the series who showed your love
to the “Teacher” throughout the three seasons, and
so the project was always the leader in TV viewing.
The fourth season was no exception. Only the start of “Teacher” looked
every fifth citizen of Russia aged 14 to 44 years. And this is how
a minimum of 6 reasonable explanations.

Oleg Evgen’evich changes his profession
The fourth season of “Teacher” was not just a continuation of the history of the former
brother from dashing 90-h and school teacher Thomas is a separate story
line with unexpected twists, funny circumstances and
brand new heroes. Teacher Oleg leaves
school for the art — he is sent to a provincial city,
to save the local theatre.

What for?
Oleg Fomin discovers that the theatre’s artistic Director — it’s his
biological father Ernest Petrovich Shilovsky. In the late seventies dad
he left his wife and little Oleg, and then disappeared in an unknown direction.
Surfaced Pope in Zheleznogorsk, where a theater major. He makes it
I must say, no matter cultural institution in debt, actors without
wages, and the local administration has long been planning to close loss
theatre. Thomas appears at the perfect moment
when the conflict of power and theatre reaches of Epogen.

Tanya now Sophia
new love — assistant Ernest p. — Sophia. Initially brisk
the girl is not attracted Oleg Evgenyevich and perceived them as a burden, but
in the future, Thomas is still considered her to be the woman of his

Special attention deserves the national artist of Russia Viktor Sukhorukov,
who plays Ernest Petrovich Shilovsky — the father of the protagonist.
His brilliant emotional and very accurate game repeatedly disrupted
the applause of the crew. The actor himself, whether in jest,
whether seriously says that instead he wanted to invite Bruce
Willis or John Malkovich, but not enough money. In addition,
“The teacher” there is another folk — theatre Director Roman Viktyuk, who played a cameo role.

Cord, hands up!
In one of the episodes will appear the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov, who is Dmitry Nagiev will teach you new swear word. Cord
will be in shock! He has heard many things in my life, but nothing like that. Still in shock
will be Sergey Zhukov from group “Hands Up!”,
whose appearance at the bottom of the Zheleznogorsk city made a lot of noise.

From start to finish
the end of the day, TNT will show a documentary about the filming of “Teacher”.
Spectators will see funny footage not included in the final version of the series
the revelation of the creators and actors, including Dmitry
Nagiyev, who will talk about how, from whom he borrowed the image of Thomas.

“Teacher” — all series of the new season in one day, February 6 on TNT!