There was a misunderstanding between the stylists.

«Took clients»: Sergey Zverev told why Vlad Lisovets was fired, as well as about envy and competition
Recently, Vlad Lisovets shared that he began his path to fame in the hairdressing salon of Sergei Zverev. It was back in the 90s, at that time Zverev was already a very famous hairdresser in Moscow, and Vlad first asked to at least be a haircut model, but then he showed his abilities and was hired as a stylist.

He worked for Zverev for a long time, and then, according to Lisovets, Zverev sensed a strong competitor in him and fired him. True, Vlad took his clients from the salon of his teacher. They began to go to his house, and then he opened the first salon.

Sergey himself assures that there was no question of any envy and fear of competition. Like, at that time Zverev himself had no time for a showdown with hairdressers.

“It was a period when I did not have time to come from one country to another. I had a few days in Moscow to prepare for the next performance. I had no time to envy and nothing. I picked up Vlad on the street with a backpack, in shorts and a T-shirt. What to envy?! To me – a superstar, a legend at that time, who brought a grand prix from every championship from any country, a man whom I arranged from the street, like the son of a regiment, to my salon ?! Do you feel the difference a little bit?!” Zverev wonders.

And it was not he who fired the talented young man, but the salon manager after he found out that Lisovets was stealing customers. But the star stylist himself believes that “stealing clients” is in the order of things and it is not worth firing good employees for this.
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