“Tired hair” Maxim Galkin change hair

«Надоели патлы»: Максим Галкин изменил прическу
The presenter did youth haircut.

Maxim Galkin

Photo: @Instagram maxgalkinru Maxim Galkin

Maxim Galkin tries to keep up with the times, so constantly craves change in his appearance. Recently fans began to hint that, say, hair style TV presenter is already outdated. Maxim responded quickly to comments and yesterday showed a result of shearing.

Maxim posted in personal microblogging selfie with a new hairstyle. “Tired hair” — said Galkin. The presenter did not do an ultrashort haircut, and left sufficiently long strands of hair. But despite this, max began to look different. “Much younger”, “Benjamin button”, “So much better! Was similar to max Barskih”, “Super, very fit this form”, “Very stylish,simple and tasteful!” — praise Galkina in the Network.

By the way, Maxim I bought a subscription to a fitness center. Galkin and skip the gym supported harder, and if this will add more classes with the coach, the TV presenter probably will be able to achieve visible results very soon.

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