Уставшая Бузова, желающая любви, вызвала раздражение у поклонников
The fans brought to the rabies very Frank picture of the presenter.

Olga Buzova

Photo: Instagram

Olga Buzova has caused irritation of the subscribers, published in
a personal microblogging photo. The picture shows the singer posing in high
boots and white bodysuit. “I’m tired, I want love”, — signed photo of the star.

“Get your whining about love! What was expected:
leading into prostitutes! And somebody else says about decency! Enough to envy the happiness of

Many fans Buzova told her
look at the Roman Gritsenko, who recently brought the presenter to tears. Party
“House-2”, saying I’m tired of waiting, when Buzova will pay attention to it and
decided to meet with another girl. Then Olga, with tears in eyes
spoke of his betrayal, but the novel tried to justify. His main
argument was the “inaccessibility” Buzova. “I don’t think this is normal, but
I spent three months courting a girl who I really like and not seen
nothing at all in return!” — said in justification of Gritsenko.

Answer Olga, apparently put an end to their relationship.
“Madly in love? Here don’t ever ever say that to me. I
forbid you now to tell anyone that I told you once
liked. It’s a lie, a complete lie!” — said offended the presenter.