Советы по выбору кухонного смесителя

Without any statistics it is known that the most visited place in any house is the kitchen. At the same time, almost every visit the food is accompanied by the use of the mixer. So choose the item carefully. You will have to spend time searching for a model that not only fits well into the interior, but also to be comfortable for long life. Next, we consider the main parameters, knowing which, you can significantly save not only money but also nerves.

Советы по выбору кухонного смесителя

Design features

Before beginning your search you should understand that kitchen faucet subject to greater stress than the same element in the bathroom. First of all, you need to determine the type of crane that allows you to open water, regulate the level of flow and temperature. There are three main types:

• twin valve;
• single lever;
• touch.

Most familiar to many models feature a standard valve system. It implies the presence of one swivel spout and two taps, is responsible for turning on and adjusting the hot and cold water. Within such systems is dominated faucet head parts with rubber or ceramic lining. Each of them has both positive aspects and disadvantages.

No less relevant among the buyers and designs with one lever. As the name implies, in order to turn on the water, simply turn the lever. Depending on the design they are horizontal and vertical, technically there is a difference. The main advantages of this option — easy to use and economy.

If in the future will have to face faults, single lever faucet, repair them without much difficulty. The main mechanism is a small cartridge that has a vulnerability only to wear. A good model is not less than 1 million operations, so in the future it is not recommended to skimp on repairs.

There are sensor faucets, which are based on electronic mechanism with an infrared sensor. In order to turn on the water simply bring the hand to the sensor. However, such systems are not widespread due to their high cost and difficulties in the process of operation and repair. More about them can be found here: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Смеситель_(plumbing)#Electronic.


Important when choosing not only the principle of operation. Great attention and even the materials that were used in its production. Most often you can find models made of metal. To give them an attractive appearance used a coating of chromium or the like on the properties of the elements. These products are cheaper, while their lifetime is more than 10 years with proper care. However, manufacturers are not limited to only this material. Also widespread faucets from durable types of plastic. They are not much cheaper than metal. With gentle use can last a relatively long time. You can find other types, made of different alloys and natural materials, but they are either significantly more expensive or you quickly come into disrepair.