Советы по выбору офисных стульев и кресел

Office environment connected with constant tension and the need to support health. Therefore, it is important to choose the right office chairs for their team leaders. It is possible to formulate minimum requirements:

Советы по выбору офисных стульев и кресел

• Required comfortable armrests that will support sitting on a chair.
• If there is a possibility to adjust height and tilt, the best option would be changing the position with one hand. All the setting options are as simple as possible, this way you can train yourself to adjust workstation to their own particular, and not Vice versa.
• The height adjustable mechanism must be the shock that will soften the load change on the ridge, when the chair will fall.
• The shape of the back let it be as ergonomic as possible. We recommend that you have lumbar cushion. In addition, please note the thicker the padding and overall shape of the structure.
• To facilitate vertical fixation, on seat can be thickening with a layer of foam rubber, which will increase the elasticity. Also be sure to look for the edge that needs to be rounded and soft. The latter will help to eliminate the constant compression of blood vessels in the legs.
• It is recommended to choose chairs with upholstery made of safe materials. Cover the back and seats, let it be made of dense fabric or leather, some types of “breathable” surfaces. So it is possible to eliminate the cooling or heating during temperature changes. The lower and rear surface are often made of synthetic leather, there are plastic elements.

Additional requirements include an integral metal frame, designed for five-way support. The armrests can be aluminum, polyurethane, wood, upholster with a skin. The last material is recommended for the back, the front and rear surface of the seat.

Practical recommendations on the selection of products

Armrests to support the elbows, which is required in permanent work with the keyboard. In addition, if an employee frequently leaves his seat, then he needs support for getting up and down on the chair.

A mandatory requirement for the choice is not of chairs and seats for ordinary employees and superiors is the availability of wheels that can easily roll on a smooth floor.

For managers we can recommend products mode of “rocking”, if often a variety of meetings and conferences. If the boss is in a stable posture with the documentation and the computer, it is best to choose a synchro-mechanism of “one into three”, which allows you to adjust the furniture for any type of shape and specifics of work.